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Top 5 Best Football Throwing Machines + Buyer's Guide

Top 5 Best Football Throwing Machines + Buyer's Guide

The Best Football Throwing Machines for this Upcoming Season with Buyer's Guide

Football machines are designed by professional engineers intent on creating devices that send footballs flying high into the air, simulating actual NFL passes, punts, kickoffs, long snaps and more, to give your players that competitive edge they need.  However, choosing just the right football throwing machine for your unique needs might not prove quick or easy.  Let’s read through this article of the industry’s best football machines and figure out which machine is best for you and your team. 

Kickoff distance, throwing distance, hang time and the weight of the machine are particularly important factors to consider when researching the best football throwing machines on the market. Add in price differences, mobility concerns and other factors and there is even more to think about before pulling the trigger on the purchase of a football throwing machine.  Below, we provide a quick look at the top football throwing machines on the market along with an explanation of the most important features to key in on when reviewing the many different machines on the market.

1. Aerial Attack Football Throwing Machine by Sports Attack

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The Aerial Attack Football Quarterback machine is quite large and complex-looking, yet the intricate design produces the results you need to improve your receiving skills.  This beast of a machine makes it easy to perform reps of both passing and kicking drills with precision and rhythm.   

Features include: 

  • Right and left-footed punts
  • 80-yard distance   
  • Both long and short passes 
  • The machine pivots with ease to alter the direction of passes to challenge defensive coverages as appropriate  
  • Made with two rugged polyurethane throwing wheels that deliver spirals to perfection  
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the throwing wheels   
  • Kickoff distance of 70+ yards 
  • Ball release point of 50" for kicks and passes 
  • 5-second recovery time

Give the Aerial Attack machine a try and you will find its independent motors have a nearly instantaneous recovery time.  There is no need to worry about wheel burns thanks to the wheel guards that prevent damage to the arms.  Add in the fact that these wheel guards keep the wheels dry when the skies open up and you have even more reason to opt for the Aerial Attack.


2. First Pitch Quarterback Football Throwing Machine

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Try the First Pitch Quarterback for yourself and you will find it delivers spiral passes, punts and kickoffs accurately without exception.  Passes, punts and kickoffs are sent flying upwards of 80 yards across the field.  

Features include of the First Pitch Quarterback machine include:

  • Throws at distances of 20 – 80 Yards
  • Variable hang time 
  • Machine weights only 125 lbs.
  • Machine comes equipped with two motors, 1/3 hp each
  • Wide swivel base for various drills

The machine's two adjustable wheels combined with swivel motions set the stage for passes, kicks and punts to be sent across the entirety of the field for a truly comprehensive practice.  Break out this bad boy at your next football practice and your teammates, fellow coaches and spectators alike will be quite impressed.  More importantly, the First Pitch Quarterback will improve your team’s pass catching, punt fielding and kickoff fielding skills.


3. JUGS Field General M1750 Football Throwing Machine

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If you are like most people, the first thing that will stand out to you when laying eyes on the JUGS Field General football machine is its teal colored tripod.  Thankfully, this football throwing machine functions just as good as it looks.  Suitable for both offensive and defensive players (mainly corners, safeties and punt coverage units), this football throwing machine is revered by football fans across the country.  The machine simulates actual in-game punts with hang times in excess of five seconds, setting the stage for you and your team to practice punt returns and punt coverage.  The machine throws up to 60 yards with fantastic accuracy.  This means you can practice an entire week's worth of routes in a mere 20-minute practice session with the Field General.  

Features of the Jugs Field General M1750 include:

  • 5 – 50 yard throwing distance
  • Hang time of 5 seconds
  • Weights only 97 lbs.
  • Built with a transport wheel
  • One motor, 1/4 hp
  • 180° swivel

Give this machine a try and you will find its punts are sent high into the air with considerable loft, replicating actual in-game punts.  These punts/kicks can be directed at a single player on one side of the field, another player on the opposite side of the field or anyone in between.   You will be hard-pressed to find a football throwing machine with as much range and flexibility as that provided by the JUGS Field General M1750.


4. Snap Attack Football Throwing Machine from Sports Attack

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The Snap Attack is comparably expensive yet it is built to function without flaw for years, if not decades to come.  Created with feedback from actual football coaches, this football throwing machine passes, kicks, punts and snaps the pigskin with near-perfect accuracy, ensuring your team makes the most of its time on the practice field.  The top-notch accuracy is largely the result of the device's polyurethane throwing wheels that grip the ball just right prior to releasing it with spiral movement.  

The machine's drill features include several unique ball drills and a rapid fire drill.  This well-made machine will deliver the football to just about any location on the field, ensuring you and your team can practice every type of pass, punt and kick.  

Features of the Snap Attack football throwing machine include but are not limited to the following:

  • Throws from distances of 5 – 100 Yards
  • Variable hang time
  • Weighs only 90 lbs. 
  • Built with a transport wheel
  • Two powerful variable speed motors drive two indestructible football throwing wheels.
  • Wide swivel

The icing on the cake is the minimal maintenance and generous warranty.  This football throwing machine is sold with all of its bearings sealed, extending the useful lifespan of the motor all the more.  The machine's five-year warranty is superior to most other football throwing machines on the market, meaning you can buy it in full confidence, knowing you can have it repaired at no cost should any part malfunction.


5. JUGS M1700 Football Throwing Machine

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Similar to the JUGS M1750 football throwing machine, the M1700 version also has eye-catching teal legs for support.  Whether you want to practice fielding end over end punts or catching the perfect spiral, you can do it with this bad boy.  The machine is engineered to swivel a full 360 degrees, setting the stage for passing drills in all directions.  The M1700 is capable of delivering 600 passes, punts or kicks in a single hour.  The machine even long snaps the football, replicating the "hiking" of the football from a long snapper so you and your team can practice punts as well as field goals.

The features of the JUGS Football Machine M1700 are as follows:

  • 5 – 80 Yards
  • Hangtime of 7.5 seconds
  • 127 lbs.
  • Has transport wheel
  • One motor, 1/4 hp
  • 180° swivel

If you aren't technically oriented and hate fussing around with machine settings, you will love the user experience design of this machine as it was designed for the rapid and easy adjustment of speed settings by conveniently moving the dial to your preferred speed setting.  This intuitive and simple control scheme is much-appreciated, especially when compared to the complex controls of some other machines.


Important Performance Features Your Football Throwing Machine Should Have 

End Over End Kickoffs

The football throwing machine you choose should be able to send footballs flying in your direction similar to the trajectory, spin and elevation of an actual in-game kickoff.  The only reason to overlook the end over end kickoff feature is if your focus is strictly on catching passes rather than fielding kickoffs.  The bottom line is a football throwing machine should prove capable of replicating actual kickoffs in which the ball flies high through the air with one end moving over the other as opposed to the tight spiral of a pass.  

The machine you choose should be capable of launching tight spiral passes as well.  If end over end kickoffs are even slightly important to you, you should consider the Sports Attack Snap Attack Football Machine, the JUGS Football Machine and the First Pitch Quarterback Machine as each is complete with the ability to send end over end kickoffs high into the air, replicating kickoffs and punts.

Speed Control

Some football throwing machines are equipped with a speed dial feature.  No, this isn’t a phone feature from yesteryear built into today’s football throwing machines!  Rather, this dial makes it that much easier for you, the football player, parent or football coach, with the ability to alter the speed of football passes delivered by the machine exactly as you like.  Go ahead and speed up or slow down passes as you prefer and it won’t take long for you to improve your receiving skills. 

Ball Hang Time

No two quarterbacks, punters or kickers send their passes or kicks high into the air for exactly the same amount of time.  Hang time is important as it replicates actual in-game situations such as deep passes, powerful kicks and intentionally high punts that force punt returners to choose between calling for a fair catch and fielding the punt with the risk of being “jacked up” with a painful tackle.  If you want a machine that provides you with the ability of altering hang time, move the First Pitch Quarterback, the Sports Attack Snap Attack Football machine, the JUGS Field General and the JUGS M1700 Football machine to the top of your list.

Types of Drills / Swivel

The swivel component of football throwing machines is the head’s left to right motion.  The wider this motion of the head, the greater the coverage will be on the field.  As an example, the Sports Attack Snap Attack Football machine has a wide swivel while the JUGS M1700 Football machine has a 180° swivel.  The swivel plays a role in the football throwing machine’s functionality in the context of drills.  The best football throwing machines make it easy for football players to practice catching passes, kickoffs and punts at varying heights and speeds.

Throwing and Punting Distance

The distance the football throwing machine covers when launching a pass or a punt is of the utmost importance.  After all, wide receivers, tight ends and running backs run diverse route trees at varying distances from the line of scrimmage.  Ideally, the football throwing machine you select will deliver accurate passes at a wide variety of distances.  Some machines deliver passes and punts a mere 5 yards to 50 yards.  Others, such as the Sports Attack Snap Attack Football machine, send football passes and punts flying between 5 yards and 100 yards.

Weight & Portability

The weight of your football throwing machine matters a great deal as it will not sit stationary in one place for the entirety of the year.  Rather, you will transport the football throwing machine to and from the football field, practice spaces, public parks, backyards and elsewhere.  If the machine weighs a lot, you will be less inclined to haul it to your vehicle’s hatchback or trunk and lug it out to the practice field.  The Sports Attack Snap Attack Football machine is fairly light, coming in at 90 pounds while many other football throwing machines are in excess of 100 pounds.

Transport Wheel

When considering the portability of the football throwing machine, consider whether it has a transport wheel.  Such devices are mounted on the rear of the machine, making it that much easier to move the football machine without relying on a cart.  The Sports Attack Snap Attack Football machine is superior to most others in that it has two such transporting wheels.


Consider the warranty before moving forward with the purchase of your new football throwing machine.  Each brand has a unique warranty length.  As an example, the First Pitch Quarterback Football throwing machine has a five-year warranty.


Though football throwing machines serve the same purpose, there are important nuances that distinguish them from one another.  So don’t strictly focus on price when searching for a new football throwing machine.  Consider the machine’s weight, portability, throwing distance, warranty and additional features.  Jot down the pros and cons of each machine you are considering, review their unique merits and drawbacks prior to choosing one and you will be able to move forward knowing your decision is rooted in research and fact as opposed to guesswork.

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