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MP-4 Baseball/ Softball Pitching Machine From Iron Mike/ Master Pitch 761-103

The Iron Mike MP-4 arm style pitching machine is similar to the MP-6. Both the MP-4 and the MP-6 are similar in construction and performance. The main differences here are that the MP-4 comes with a sturdier frame and extra reinforcements to protect the machine against line drives and hard hit balls.

The MP-4 also comes equipped with Iron Mike's signature Positive Feed Control, that ensures that seamed baseballs flow through the hopper into the machine flawlessly. Like other Iron Mike machines, the MP-4 is an arm style machine that can throw baseballs, slow pitch softball, and fast pitch softball at speeds of 25-80 + MPH. The MP-6 holds 600 baseballs or 400 softballs and is the perfect choice for any baseball/ softball team looking to step up their batting skills. 

Bottom line: The MP-4 is essentially the same as the MP-6 with additional frame reinforcements and built in positive feed control. The positive feed control ensures that seamed baseballs do not get stuck in the hopper. 

MP-4 Features 

  • Arm style pitching machine helps batter with timing
  • Throws 25-80+ MPH
  • Hopper feed holds 600 baseballs or 400 softballs
  • Pitches baseballs, fast pitch softball, and slow pitch softball
  • Built in remote control with 80' cord
  • Comes with hold-down clips for permanent installation
  • Comes with lockable arm cover
  • Sturdy steel frame 
  • Extra reinforcements on the frame of the machine to protect against line drives.
  • Comes with positive feed control to ensure good ball flow with seamed balls
  • 57" H x 44" W x 59" L
  • Weight 625 lbs.
  • Made in the USA 

    **Shipping lead time = 2-3 weeks

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