Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

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Model Options

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Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Plus-2 model combines all the features from the original Spinshot Plus model but includes the advanced features of the Player model.

Compared with the original Plus model, Plus-2 now features the Player's drill maker App catering for full Programmability of settings and drills.

Comparing the Plus-2 against the Player model, Plus-2 model has an easy readable OLED screen. Its control panel can configure the oscillation settings quickly although such settings can be made by using the Phone App of Drillmaker.

Spinshot Plus now supports REMOTE WATCH to control the machine. High Spin model is also available now which can deliver 20% faster balls when high spin setting applied.

Dimensions & Weight

  • 50CM(H)
  • 50CM(L)
  • 35CM(W)
  • 19kg for the AC model
  • 21kg for the battery model

Click here to download the Spinshot Plus-2 tennis ball machine user's manual

Oscillation Modes

The Spinshot Plus model is equipped with 5 different oscillation modes as listed below. Settings can be easily done through the control panel, and offering you full versatility for your favourite workouts or drills.

  • Random Horizontal Oscillation
  • 2-line horizontal oscillation
  • Vertical oscillation
  • Random horizontal and vertical oscillation
  • 2-line horizontal and vertical oscillation


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clarence Phillips

Machine functions well and the casing is very sturdy. I use it for months now and It works perfectly. My Spinshot Plus 2 is a very nice ball machine and I am impressed about how easy it is to manage the Drills with my phone. Wonderfully built, not noisy, quick to respond, easy to control accurate balls etc.. Good buy!!!

Monica Peyton
Good Investment!!!

This Spinshot Plus 2 is not your typical tennis ball machine and. It offers a great deal of features that can improve your game whether you’re a beginner looking for constant repetition or a much advanced player looking to tweak a few things here and there.

Rene Clearmont
Amazing Machine

This machine is amazing. I'm just getting back into tennis after many years off. This machine has been perfect for me to get in lots of practice. Easy to use and transport. Very happy with my purchase!