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Rookie Tennis Pitching Machine PRN-010

Hand crafted right here in the USA, the all new Rookie tennis ball machine by Match Mate is the perfect machine for any beginner tennis player.

The Rookie utilizes a wheel driven delivery system to accurately serve balls every ten seconds to players.

With a transport handle, this machine is easy to bring on and off the court. Just set it up and start playing. When you're ready to go home, easily load it into any sedan, or small truck. 

Each battery lasts 5-7 hours, allowing you to play until you get tired. The Rookie will outlast you on the court! 

When the battery dies, just plug it in. With new smart technology, the battery on the Rookie will not overcharge. Scroll down to read more about the Rookie tennis machine.


Tennis Ball Machine Features

  • Ten-second ball feed delay on startup ensures no wasted balls
  • High-grade aluminum outer shell
  • User friendly controls
  • Built-in transport handle
  • Smart charger prevents overcharging of the internal battery
  • Heavy topspin at higher ball speed settings challenges advanced players
  • Soft toss at low ball speed settings is suitable for small children
  • Delivers at different speeds per each ball stage
  • Lightest “Real” ball machine on market
  • Good start for advanced beginners
  • Safe for small children
  • Athlete wears out faster than battery
  • Durable, no plastic, long lasting
  • At Startup – 10 Second Ball Delivery Wait Time – No wasted balls, allows player to get into position
  • No Oscillation – Beginners don’t develop bad habits; Great for stroke development

Perfecting Your Stroke

The Rookie was designed for beginners. Young budding tennis stars need to develop their stroke sets, so no oscillation is installed.

There is no need to be running from side to side and not working on the basics.

The second feature for skill development that the Rookie offers is the triple threat of elevation, ball delay options and a ball speed range from 10 mph to 27 mph.

The third skill development is the addition of heavy topspin at 27 mph.









  • Click here to download Rookie owner's manual


    Ask a Question
    • Hello! What is your return policy? I have a very picky tennis player ;). Thank you!

      Hi, for detailed inforamtion about the return policy, please see the link below.

    • How portable is it? What?

      Hi, the Rookie is a compact, selfcontained unit, weighing 22 lbs. It is designed to be easily handled, transported, and stored.

    • How many balls does it hold and does it have a remote to control it?

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry. The Match Mate Rookie holds up to 70 balls.

    • Can the rookie be used with pickleballs?

      Hello, thank you for your inquiry. This is recommended to be used with Tennis balls.

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    Joseph Bocian

    Incredible fast service just before the holidays. Gift arrived on time in great shape.