Blast Attack Pitching Machine For Baseball Or Softball By Sports Attack


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Blast Attack By Sports Attack Baseball Or Softball Pitching Machine

The Blast Attack is the newest addition to the pitching machine line from Sports Attack. What makes the Blast Attack special is that it incorporates a similar design of Sports Attack's premium models, but remains their most affordable pitching machine.

The Blast attack utilizes a solid steel concave poly wheel and delivers fast balls up to 70 MPH. The concave of the wheel paired with the angled pinch points of the ball release allow for maximum accuracy and ball release visibility, much like a pitch from a real pitcher.

With elevation and horizontal control, the Blast attack can very easily change the release point from which the ball is thrown. The Blast attack also features a pivot head design, allowing for unlimited defensive drills.

Built with a very durable steel construction, the Blast attack is impervious to any hits from a baseball and will last you many, many seasons to come. 

Blast Attack Features

  • Throws fastballs up to 70 MPH
  • Perfect for club and youth baseball players
  • Elevation controlled by crank for easy pitch release location change
  • Features a pivot head design to throw grounders and pop flies
  • Greatly improve batting, infield and outfield skills
  • Two angled pinch pads allow full vision of pitch from the feeder to the release
  • Consistent accuracy
  • All steel construction for durability and safety of the machine
  • Comes with two carrying handles for portability
  • Easily fits in the trunk of a car
  • Full coverage of pitching wheel for maximum safety
  • Travel wheels are optional with the PRO model
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Infield and Outfield Drills

The Blast Attack features an easy to use pivot head design that allows not only fastballs to be thrown, but several types of infield and outfield drills. With the pivot head design, the Blast Attack can easily throw fly balls, line-drives, pop-ups, and catchers pop-ups. Get the most out of a pitching machine and get the Blast Attack today!


The Blast Attack can also work with accessories like the Extended Legs or the Fungo Leg Kits.

Additional upgrades for the Blast Attack are Caddy Wheels and Horizontal Control.

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