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 Water Products

The Khaos® Water Products (Water Ball w/Fixed Handles, Waterboy w/Fixed Handles, and Water Yoke) are filled with water and air to provide an unstable weight that constantly shifts, forcing athletes to brace and stabilize through various movement patterns. The Khaos® Water Ball has two fixed handles on either side that allow for rotational movements and a variety of sport-specific movement patterns. The Khaos® Waterboy has four handles with two sets that run perpendicular to each other. The length and tube-like shape of the Waterboy make it perfect for those trying Olympic-style lifts or frontal and sagittal plane movements. The Khaos® Water Yoke comes with two water spheres connected to a 52” bar with straps. The Yoke is a great option for athletes wanting to increase their weight while keeping the unpredictable load during frontal and sagittal plane movements. The straps allow the spheres to sway and make the water shifting very erratic and more advanced.

The Khaos® Waterboy (formerly Strength & Stability Trainer and sometimes referred to as an aqua bag) offers benefits that traditional weight training tools cannot provide. This device can be partially filled with water, providing active resistance rather than static resistance. As it is moved during exercise, the water constantly shifts, actively recruiting the stabilizing muscles. Increasing the strength of the stabilizers can both decrease the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.

Because of the additional balance and stability requirements, the weight required to challenge an athlete is less than the amount needed in traditional resistance training. The weight of the Khaos® Waterboy can be altered simply by adding or removing water until the desired weight is achieved; the balance of the device volume is filled with compressed air. (Less water makes the device more unstable). Many exercises performed with a traditional barbell or dumbbell can be performed with the Khaos® Waterboy.


  • Enhances strength, balance, and stability
  • Improves postural control
  • Engages the body physically and neurologically
  • Utilizes compound movements that enhance core recruitment
  • Easily used in circuit work by multiple athletes
  • Easily sanitized between uses


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