NewStripe EcoLiner™ II Field Striping Machine


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EcoLiner™ II Field Striping Machine

Want the features of the EcoLiner Battery Powered Field Striping Machine but with the power of gasoline engine? Then the EcoLiner II Field Striping Machine is for you. 


  • Engine Powered – The EcoLiner II features a heavy duty, 45 psi diaphragm pump coupled directly to a 126cc Subaru industrial gas engine.
  • No Messy Pouring and Easy to Use – Just place a standard 5-gallon pail of premixed paint on the EcoLiner II and you are ready to stripe your field. Plus, changing color could not easier.
  • Safe – No hazardous pressurized tanks. No need to release pressure to add paint or clean.
  • Cleanup is a Snap – When the job is done just remove the pail, reseal it for future use, pump a little clear water through the system, and you are ready for the next field lining job.
  • Versatile – Use the detachable spray gun with 12 foot hose to paint stencils or hard to reach areas.  An optional rear caster is also available to spray arcs and circles.
  • Never Stop to Stir the Paint Again – Recirculating pump keeps the paint continually mixed with no settling. You no longer need to stop and stir.
  • No More Clogged Tip or Filter – The EcoLiner II features a large replaceable foot filter on the intake hose. Cleaning the filter takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Build to Last – American Made all welded steel construction and quality components mean the  EcoLiner II will give you years of service.
  • 18 Month Limited Warranty – The longest available

Click To Download The NewStripe EcoLiner™ II Field Striping Machine Manual