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Football Blocking Dummies, Pop Up Dummies, and Tackle Wheels

Football is a game of inches, and the battle begins on the practice field with long hours of grueling training. One of the most important elements in the game is the battle in the trenches, exploding after the snap to either tackle or block the opponent.

Blocking dummies are the best way to simulate playing safely without having two players go head-to-head.

With a dummy, players can get more reps to train their footwork, hand placement, and explosiveness.

There are multiple types of blocking dummy that focus on different aspects of the game and can be deployed in different types of training. Here, we look at some of the differences and provide some recommendations for the best blocking dummy.


Different Types of Football Blocking Dummies and How They Can Help

Don’t let the name fool you, football dummies can be used to practice both blocking and tackling.

If you’ve seen lineman train, you’ve probably seen them use the traditional sled dummy. When using a sled, the player can explode from a snap position, hit the dummy and train their footwork as they push the sled forward.

Another popular dummy is the pop-up dummy which is used to practice tackling. It’s difficult to train tackling as you cannot have your players hitting their teammates all the time due to the risk of an injury.

So, to better train tackling, you can set out a dummy that will pop back up once your player has tackled it. This pop-up feature allows you to send out players, again and again, to tackle the dummy without having to set anything back up.

Best Blocking Dummy Brands

Fisher Pop Up Dummies are one of the most respected brands in the industry and they have multiple dummy products for safe and effective tackling training.

Another piece of equipment to train tackling is a tackle wheel. Unlike a standing pop-up dummy, a coach can roll a tackling wheel out into the field and have the player chase it down and tackle it. Another Fisher product, the Football Training Tackle Wheel gives defenders practice tackling a moving object more similar to a running back or wide receiver.

Dummies can also be used in other training situations to add variety to your practices. Stepover and agility dummies can be laid down to give all of your players adequate footwork training.

With a wide variety of uses, dummies are an important part of giving your players a safe and high-quality practice session, and they’ll help your team win some extra ground in the trenches.