Football Pop Up Tackle Dummies

Pop Up Tackle Dummies for Football

Dummies are everywhere at football practice, but pop up dummies free up players for more reps, provide a safe way to drill your team, and are the perfect equipment to train speed, agility, and tackling. 

Unlike other dummies, players or coaches don’t have to stand behind or reset a pop up dummy after a player has hit it. As these dummies pop back up after a hit, it also adds to the number of reps your players can get.

Pop up dummies are an excellent addition to football teams looking to improve their team’s speed and agility. Since they don’t require anyone to operate the dummy, pop up dummies greatly improve player safety.

This piece of equipment can be used in a variety of drills, including tackling, offensive and defensive linemen explosiveness and technique, receiver release moves, and more. 

Some dummies are designed with different drills in mind, and it’s important to be aware of different features before making a purchase. Based on our research, we will detail differences between pop up dummies on the market, discuss why pop up dummies are superior to other similar equipment, and provide some recommendations.

What is the Best Football Pop Up Tackle Dummy for Me and My Team?

The pop-up dummy is an upgrade over traditional dummies that require a player or coach to man them. While they can be more money upfront, a pop-up dummy will vastly improve a range of drills, and they are safer for your players and coaches.

A big plus of many pop up dummies on the market is that they require no assembly and are easy to transport.

Most pop up dummies come with a weighted, round base. Rogers Athletic produces a line of pop up dummies that are decided to withstand rugged hits and cope with years of wear and tear.

The Rogers Athletic Titan Pop Up Dummies are built with foam, eliminating the chance they can be popped or become waterlogged. These dummies are designed to practice receiver release moves with hip and torso aiming points, allowing coaches to teach receivers how to get leverage on a defender.

There are also smaller dummies designed for more general use. The Rogers Athletic Scout Pop Up Dummies can stand in for players on a scout team, but they can also be used to practice tackling and agility.

Fisher Athletic also makes a high-quality array of dummies and sells accessories including arms and wings, giving coaches more control over how they design drills.