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Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast
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Rogers 16-Arm Powerblast
Sale price$5,076.50
Rogers 20-Arm Powerblast
Sale price$6,415.50
Rogers 16-Arm Powerblast with Hanging Dummy
Sale price$7,962.50
Rogers 16-Arm Powerblast with Hanging Dummy
Sale price$6,701.50
Fisher Football Smittys Blaster Training Aid
Sale price$6,312.90
Fisher Football 12 Arm Power Blaster Machine
Sale price$8,130.10
Rogers Athletic 6-Pad PowerBlast
Sale price$3,594.50
Rogers Athletic 8-Pad PowerBlast
Sale price$5,206.50

Football Gauntlet Machine and Power Blasters

Seriously Outplay Your Competition 

Keep your feet apart, head up, shoulders low and eyes open! Get your running backs working OT with a new football gauntlet machine; help them work on pumping their legs and covering the ball to ultimately give your running backs a competitive edge over their competition. Or train your receivers to catch the ball and run through the gauntlet machine to add extra yards to every catch. 

In the realm of football, the ability to maintain composure under pressure is not just a skill—it’s a necessity. Football gauntlet machines, also known as running back gauntlet machines, are engineered to condition players to endure these very challenges. By simulating the relentless defensive play and requiring ball carriers to maintain a low center of a gravity and proper body lean, these machines are the crucibles where agility meets toughness.

The consistent resistance encountered when using a gauntlet machine translates into enhanced ability to break tackles and an increase in on-field tenacity.

Elevate Your Game with Football Gauntlet Machines

When you train with a gauntlet machine, it’s comparable to squaring off against your toughest opponent, preparing you for the demands of game day. The gauntlet develops tough, resilient athletes who can handle the ball with confidence under pressure. It’s not just about brute strength; it’s about refining the technique to secure the ball against the most formidable defenses.

Recognizing the importance of ball security, football equipment industry leaders design these machines specifically to enhance tackling skills and equip running backs to penetrate an aggressive defense. When a ball carrier has trained with a gauntlet, arm tacklers find it a daunting task to bring them down.

The persistent challenge and repetition offered by the gauntlet contribute to transforming raw talent into skilled prowess. Players learn to adapt, react, and ultimately, to dominate. Incorporating gauntlet machines into regular training means when the whistle blows and the ball is snapped, you’re more than ready—you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Top Features of Leading Gauntlet Machines

Exploring the realm of gauntlet machines, it’s evident that top models come equipped with features designed to significantly boost training efficiency. Adjustable beam height and the robust steel construction of machines like the Fisher 20 FT. Power Frame with Hanging Dummy allow for diverse drill setups, ensuring that no two training sessions are the same.

Rogers Gauntlet machines take it a step further with adjustable arm angle, air pressure, and height, creating a realistic practice environment that can be tailored to each player’s needs. Moreover, these machines are not just tough; they’re durable, backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and reinforced welds at stress points for enhanced longevity.

The ease of use is another critical feature—quick adjustments during training sessions are a breeze thanks to user-friendly controls. Consequently, athletes can dedicate more time to drills and less to setup, optimizing the training period and fast-tracking skill acquisition.

Curing Fumblitis

The mark of a formidable running back is the ability to maintain momentum against the onslaught of defenders. Gauntlet machines play a crucial role in fostering this attribute by emphasizing the significance of sustained leg drive and forward body lean. The result? Ball carriers who can push through resistance and maintain balance while keeping their eyes on the end zone.

These machines don’t just teach toughness; they instill it. Running backs learn:

  • the art of keeping their shoulders low to dodge tackles

  • the importance of ball security

  • the creation of hard-nosed ball carriers

  • breaking through arm tackles

  • making that crucial second effort that can change the course of a game.

The Rogers PowerBlast, for example, is a specialized tool that allows running backs to practice leg pumping and ball covering—vital skills for those split-second decisions on the field. It’s about teaching explosion, body lean, and the relentless pursuit of that extra yard.

Best Selling Gauntlet Machines / PowerBlasters

Want the best gauntlet machine that money has to buy? Look no further than our line of Rogers gauntlet machines. Rogers has been dominating the market with their superior football training equipment for years.

Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast

Rogers Gauntlet and PowerBlast Machines

Rogers Gauntlet Machines are a testament to innovation in football training equipment. The 12-Arm and 16-Arm PowerBlast models are renowned for their adjustable arm angles, heights, and air pressure, providing resistance that mimics the dynamism of actual gameplay. These features allow coaches to simulate a variety of defensive scenarios, ensuring players are well-prepared for anything they might encounter on the field.

Moreover, the Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast offers the following features:

  • Versatility: It can be used for a variety of training needs, including as a sled portable for on-the-go workouts.

  • User-friendly: It has adjustable tension settings and removable arms for easy storage.

  • Suitable for different age groups: It is a valuable asset for any team looking to enhance its training regimen.

Fisher Football Smittys Blaster Training Aid

Fisher Gauntlet Machines

Fisher’s contribution to the gauntlet machine market is the Smitty Blaster, a popular choice among coaches and athletes. This machine boasts six adjustable arms that offer resistance ranging from a mere 25 pounds to an impressive 250 pounds. Its durable steel frame ensures it can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions.

The Smitty Blaster specializes in ball protection training. Its adjustable arms snap back quickly into place, providing continuous challenge and feedback for players. Fisher’s commitment to quality is evident in their one-year warranty, reassuring coaches and athletes of the machine’s reliability and performance.


To sum up, the football gauntlet machine is an essential tool in the arsenal of any serious football program. It enables players to develop the toughness, skills, and confidence needed to dominate on the field. Whether it’s breaking tackles, securing the ball, or making precise blocks and tackles, the gauntlet machine prepares athletes for the demands of the sport. Embrace the challenge, and let the gauntlet forge you into a player who not only faces the opposition but overpowers it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a football gauntlet machine improve ball security?

Using a football gauntlet machine helps players improve ball security by teaching them proper body positioning and lowering the risk of fumbles during intense defensive situations.

Can gauntlet machines be adjusted for players of different skill levels?

Yes, leading gauntlet machines can be adjusted to accommodate players of different skill levels by offering features like adjustable beam height, arm angles, and air pressure. This allows for tailored training scenarios and skill level customization.

Are gauntlet machines suitable for training other skills besides ball carrying?

Yes, gauntlet machines are suitable for training blocking and tackling skills, as they simulate the resistance and challenges players face from defenders, enhancing technique and leg drive.

What makes the Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast a popular choice among football programs?

The Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast is a popular choice among football programs because of its affordability, effectiveness, and adjustable features such as arm angles, heights, and air pressure, as well as removable arms and tension settings for versatile training. Consider investing in one to enhance your football training program.

How do coaches measure the success of using a gauntlet machine in their training programs?

Coaches measure the success of using a gauntlet machine in their training programs based on the improvement in players' performance, including areas like leg pumping, ball coverage, and hitting and blocking techniques. They also consider success stories from other teams and the competitive edge gained during games as indicators of the machine's effectiveness.