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Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast
Sale price$4,101.50
Rogers 16-Arm Powerblast
Sale price$5,076.50
Rogers 20-Arm Powerblast
Sale price$6,415.50

Football Gauntlet Machine and Power Blasters

Seriously Outplay Your Competition 

Keep your feet apart, head up, shoulders low and eyes open! Get your running backs working OT with a new football gauntlet machine; help them work on pumping their legs and covering the ball to ultimately give your running backs a competitive edge over their competition. 

Or train your receivers to catch the ball and run through the gauntlet machine to add extra yards to every catch. 

Make it a team effort with the 12-Arm PowerBlast from Rogers with PowerLine sled! The added 2 sleds makes for a real life simulation including 2 linemen to the equation. Linemen and running backs can practice hitting, spinning and running through.

Repetition with these sleds will lead to proper hitting and blocking techniques, and a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Best Selling Gauntlet Machines / PowerBlasters

Want the best gauntlet machine that money has to buy? Look no further than our line of Rogers gauntlet machines. Rogers has been dominating the market with their superior football training equipment for years.

Rogers Gauntlet and PowerBlast Machines

Our best selling Rogers gauntlet machines are the 12-Arm PowerBlast and the 16-ArmPowerblast with PowerLine sled. Both gauntlet / PowerBlast machines are constructed with sturdy steel frames and are backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Fisher Gauntlet Machines

Not far behind and easier on the wallet are the Fisher gauntlet machines. Fisher has been around for decades and is committed to Football training equipment. Their most popular gauntlet machine is the Smitty Blaster.  A true classic loved by many coaches across the nation, the Smitty Blaster will not disappoint!