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First Team WallMonster™ Wall Mount Basketball Goal
Sale priceFrom $2,620.47
First Team RoofMaster™ Roof Mount Basketball Goal
Sale priceFrom $2,422.72
Bison Adjustable Glass Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop
Sale priceFrom $3,589.00
Porter Outdoor Wall Mount System
Sale price$1,439.00
Jaypro Wall Mounted Glass Backboard
Sale priceFrom $2,635.00
Jaypro Wall Mounted Adjustable Height Backstop System
Sale priceFrom $1,396.00
Bison Inc. ZipCrank Adjustable Shooting Station
Sale price$2,369.00
Bison Inc. Adjustable Shooting Station Glass Package
Sale priceFrom $2,349.00

Wall Mounted Hoops for Basketball

If you want to install a basketball hoop but have limited ground or floor space, a wall mounted basketball hoop may be the perfect solution for you.

Wall mounted hoops can be installed in a variety of settings and are just as sturdy and durable as an in-ground hoop. 

Where you have a wall, you can install one of these hoops. That includes indoor gyms, garages, schools, are much more. 

Additional safety features make wall mounted hoops an excellent option for a variety of uses that will save you space in tight fits like a driveway or small room.

They are also the go-to for basketball gyms as top-line wall mounted basketball hoops are used across the country in high school gyms.

We’ll walk you through the top products on our website if you’re looking to buy a wall mounted basketball hoop.

Which Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops Should I Buy?

Whether you are looking to install a wall mounted basketball hoop in your high school’s gym or your driveway, there’s a hoop for you on the market.

Many high school gyms are attracted to the versatility of wall mounted hoops. Many higher-end hoops give you the flexibility to fold in the hoop so the gym can be used for other sports.

For example, the Corner Mount Side-Fold Wall Mount Package from Gared is a side-fold wall mount with a glass backboard. It’s both durable and can be folded in so other sports like volleyball can use the same court without the hoop getting in the way.

Gared also makes a similar wall mounted hoop that can be adjusted in height, making it a great option for facilities that host different age groups on the court.

Bison also makes high-quality wall mounted hoops including the Side Fold Competition Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop.

We have you covered too if you’re just looking for a hoop to install at home. First Team has made one of the best roof hoops out there with their RoofMaster™ Roof Mount Basketball Goal. It’s a highly durable product with great backboard rigidity that can be installed on a range of walls and roofs.

There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a wall mounted basketball hoop, including what age groups will use, your required specifications, and your setting. But, you will be able to find the right hoop for you here in our collection.