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Attack 2 Volleyball Serving Machine
Attack 2 Volleyball Serving Machine
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Total Attack Volleyball Serving Machine By Sports Attack
Total Attack Volleyball Serving Machine By Sports Attack
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Volleyball Training Machines 

The technology behind modern day volleyball machines has an interesting story. It all started years ago when people started building their own pitching machines for baseball. As time and technology progressed, people eventually started developing pitching machines with spinning wheels that improved the performance of the machine and the quality of the practice.

With this new technology, the ability to create volleyball pitching pitching machines, otherwise known as volleyball serving machines, was created. Now, the best volleyball machines feature either air technology or 2 and 3 wheels, to create a consistent, accurate and powerful volleyball serve. 

A Game Redefined

 As Volleyball became  more competitive and the jump serve became a standard move, the need for these sophisticated training devices grew. A good volleyball machine needed to be able to provide an adjustable release point - Low releases for serves and high releases for spiking. The machines also needed to consistently deliver high velocity, controlled spin and floaters. It also needed to be durable, portable, and most importantly, budget friendly.

And Sports Attack were able to achieve all of these things! Sports Attack has successfully designed 4 volleyball hitting machines, all with different levels of capabilities and price points. 

How Volleyball Serving Machines Work

With the all new wheel design used on modern day Volleyball machines, the highest level or power, precision and accuracy are easily achieved. Because there are multiple wheels moving the ball, changing speeds and creating spin has never been easier. 

How it works: The Volleyball machine has multiple spinning wheels that launch the ball. Each of these wheels has its own independent motors, and each motor has its own dial. If the wheels spin at the same speed, it will create a more even serve. If the wheels spin at different speeds, you can control the precision and the "arc" of the serve. Simply change the speeds of each dial, to create the desired serve. 

When one wheel is spinning faster than the other, the served ball now has top spin on it, which creates a realistic and competitive serve. The spin that is put on the volleyball as it passes through the machine wheels, will create the arc that closely replicates a serve from a real player. 

This "arc" on the serve paired with topspin is as aggressive as a jump serve - This will ensure your players are ready for any serve that comes their way. 

This very same concept came from the baseball pitching machines, where engineers figured out ways of creating a machine that can throw curveballs, and pitches that have spin on them. The technology of the volleyball machine comes from years and years of research and development, ensuring your team has the very best training equipment on the market. 

Best Selling Volleyball Setting Machines

Loved by coaches and teams all over the country, these couple of volleyball machines have our customers raving! 

The Skill Attack Volleyball Serving Machine by Sports Attack

The Skill Attack is a favorite among high school coaches because of its versatility, portability and price point. Every school and club team can afford the small price tag of $1,299 in exchange for the competitive edge it offers players! Click here to learn more.

Skill Attack Features

  • Serving Speeds of up to 40 MPH
  • Spiking abilities from the same side of the net
  • 5" throwing wheel size ensures a powerful delivery
  • Dimensions: 36″ wide x 72″ tall x 40″ deep

    The Total Attack Volleyball Serving Machine by Sports Attack

    On the opposite spectrum of price and capability is the Total Attack volleyball machine. This is the absolute top of the line volleyball machine and is designed for players from high school all the way to the pros! Click here to learn more

    Total Attack Features

    • Ball release Point Range: 6′ 3″ to 9′ 6″
    • Serving Speeds: 90+ MPH
    • Spiking: Over Men’s and Women’s net
    • Throwing Wheel Size: 10″ diameter, 4″ wide