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The Pitching Pad™
Sale priceFrom $189.00
Rae Crowther QB Pass Rush Net
Sale price$3,178.80
Rae Crowther The QB King Ranch Trailer
Sale price$4,558.80
Rae Crowther King of QB Metal Net
Sale price$2,815.20
Fisher Adjustable Quarterback Throwing Net
Sale price$2,517.90
Fisher Quarterback Throwing Net
Sale price$1,874.40
Fisher Snap Coach Lineman Target Trainer
Sale price$680.90
Rogers Athletic QB Target Throwing Net
Sale price$919.00
Bownet Portable Qb Fade for Football
Sale price$379.99
Bownet Portable Qb5 for Football
Sale price$439.99
Rogers Combo Passing Trainer
Sale price$3,035.50
Fisher Football Throwing Net
Sale price$845.90
Fisher Skill Zone Throwing Nets
Sale priceFrom $218.90


To hit receivers with pinpoint accuracy on gameday, quarterbacks need repetition after repetition during long hours of practice. Quarterbacks can’t always have a receiver on hand to catch the ball, but quarterback throwing nets can expand training possibilities and help quarterbacks reach the next level.

Portable and versatile, quarterback throwing nets are a great tool to add to any team or player’s arsenal. Instead of relying on other players or coaches, quarterbacks can adjust a quality throwing net to different heights and angles to train difficult throws.

With a wide variety of nets on the market, you will be able to find the precise product for you or your program’s desires.

Below we will offer some throwing net product recommendations and highlight some key features you should look out for.

What Throwing Net Should I Buy?

When looking for a quarterback throwing net, the ability to adjust the net is key especially if you plan to train different types of throws. Products with multiple targets that are easy to put and take down will simplify quarterback training sessions while giving your players more reps.

Rogers Athletic produces several throwing nets that have targets at various heights, giving players the chance to throw multiple passes to simulate game scenarios. One of the best throwing nets on the market is the Rogers Athletic QB Target Throwing Net, an affordable option that gives coaches free rein over quarterback training sessions without having to rely on receivers.

Some coaches prefer the simplicity of nets that can be attached to goalposts for easy takedown and storage. But, if you are in the market for a higher-end product, Rogers also sells the Combo Passing Trainer, a throwing net on wheels that gives coaches more training customization options.

While quarterbacks will benefit immensely from the addition of a throwing net, other players can also improve from similar equipment. 

Long snappers can use the Fisher Snap Coach Lineman Target Trainer to practice long snaps for shotgun formations, field goals and punts. With multiple targets, long snappers can improve their accuracy and train different long snaps.

Fisher is another great brand in the football equipment industry and produces a wide range of throwing nets. With different designs, including three and five target models, coaches and players should be able to find a Fisher throwing net that can enhance their training regimen.

Another element to take into account when you shop for a throwing net is high-quality materials. Both Rogers and Fisher products are a safe bet in this department with both companies selling products with solid steel frames and durable nets.