Discus Cage

Discus Cages

A discus cage is an important investment for a track and field program that allows your athletes to safely practice or compete in discus.

To protect onlookers, teammates, and coaches you’ll want a sturdy and reliable cage that can withstand weather elements as well as errant discuses.

At Anytime Sports Supply we sell a range of top-quality discus cages that will make a great addition to your track and field team. You will be able to find the right cage for you that meets the right standards for your competition.

Gill Athletics produce many types of discus cage, and they are our most trusted producer when it comes to a discus cage.

The Gill High School Discus Cage is a nice, affordable option that has a 180-pound breaking strength. Most importantly, it meets NFHS requirements, so it can be used in high school competitions.

For college athletes, you need a cage that meets NCAA specifications. The World Athletics Discus Cage meets NCAA and World Athletic requirements.

If you’re a high school with a bigger budget or need a portable cage, then the High School Portable Discus Cage is the way to go. All of Gill Athletics cages are top-of-the-line and will fulfill the specifications you need to allow your athletes to compete in their respective competitions.