Football Stepover Agility Dummies

Football Stepover Agility Dummies

No matter their position on the field, a football player needs to have fast and agile feet. There’s no better way to train this skill than with stepover agility dummies.

These are a great addition to a football program because they can be used for traditional agility drills even though they’re specifically designed to work for blocking drills.

For regular agility drills a stepover agility dummy functions like other agility dummies: lay them on the ground in a variety of configurations and have your players work on their footwork and agility.

But, this piece of equipment really shines when looking at its versatility. Some stepover agility dummies also double as blocking dummies with backside handles for stand up blocking practice.

For example, the Fisher Athletic Step Over has this added design feature, increasing its utility on the practice field.

Most stepover agility dummies have a trapezoidal design that reduces rolled ankles and injuries in general. If you look at Trigon Sports’ line of Step-Over Training Dummies, you will see this trapezoid design which also helps keep the dummy in place when players are jumping or running over them during drills.