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Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine
Sale priceFrom $649.00 Regular price$899.00
iSAM Extend Tennis Ball Machine by Match Mate
Sale price$1,010.85
Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine
Sale priceFrom $1,399.00
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Match Mate Rookie Tennis Pitching Machine
Match Mate Rookie Tennis Pitching Machine
Sale price$631.35 Regular price$799.00
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Sale priceFrom $2,029.00
Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine
Sale priceFrom $2,399.00
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine
Sale priceFrom $1,625.00
Spinshot Home Tennis Ball Machine
Sale price$749.00

Tennis Ball Machines

Looking to take your tennis game to the next level? Well, a tennis ball machine is a great place to start. We all know that practice makes perfect, and if you want to improve, you're going to have to work for it. 

Tennis machines are the perfect tool for any player that is looking to improve their game. But to fit consistent practice into your busy schedule with another player that has the capabilities of pushing you to the next level can be impractical. Plus, unlike machines, humans tire out. 

This is why tennis machines are so popular! Tennis machines can be setup by yourself and help you work on all kinds of drills. Most machines can send balls your way at speeds of up to 70 mph with top or back spin. Not to mention the fact that these machines operate on a wireless battery that lasts for hours on end and can carry around 100 tennis balls! 

Some machines even allow you to program them to oscillate and create different shot sequences to keep you guessing. Easily change the speed and spin rate on the machine to turn it up or down to your liking. 

Best Tennis Ball Machines 

Nowadays, most tennis machines are technologically advanced and are equipped with advanced features. Here are some of our best selling and most advanced tennis machines on the market.

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine: Arguably the best value tennis machine on the market, the Player offers advanced ball speed, control, spin and oscillation programming. Click here for more info on the Spinshot Player

The Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine: Just a step down from the Player, the Pro offers most of the same features at an easier price point. Click here to learn more about the Spinshot Pro. 

Match Mate Tennis Ball Machines

The Match Mate iSAM Ultimate: For just $899 you can have the perfect intermediate player tennis machine. Practice with serving speeds of up to 70 mph with random oscillations to step up your game! 

The Match Mate Rookie Tennis Machine: The best value tennis machine for any young or beginning player, the Rookie has everything you need to take your from beginner to intermediate and give your seasoned tennis friends a run for their money! 

Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

The Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine: A classic among tennis machines, the Elite Liberty is one of the most famous and widely used tennis machines ever used. With serve speeds of up to 70 mph with top and back spin for just $949, you really can't go wrong! 

The Lobster Elite Freedom: Just a step down from the Elite Liberty, the Elite Freedom machine has all the bells and whistles to help any intermediate player improve their game.