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Jugs Field General™ Football Machine
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Jugs Football Passing Machine™
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Aerial Attack Football Passing Machine By Sports Attack
Aerial Attack Football Passing Machine By Sports Attack
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Rogers Throwing Machine Cart Adapter
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Rogers Athletic Throwing Machine Cart
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Football Passing / Throwing Machines

 When pitching machines for baseball and softball hit the market, people were crazy about them. All the schools, colleges and even the MLB teams were buying them for practice. Other sports like Volleyball, Cricket, and... Football eventually took notice and caught on. 

Eventually, the top pitching machine manufacturers started engineering and manufacturing football pitching machines, or what's more commonly known as football throwing machines or called football passing machines. Football throwing machines quickly became a hit for high schools, colleges and even for the NFL. 

Our line of football throwing machines come equipped with two throwing wheels, allowing for you to run countless interception drills, tip drills, harassment drills, defensive drills, and more. Our machines have precise accuracy and power that can put a perfect spiral on the ball and throw it 50 yards, time and time again! 

Jugs Field General Football Passing Machine

Our most popular football machine from Jugs is the Field General. This machine has helped thousands of teams improve their skills over the years and can help your players out as well! 

Field General Features

  • Throws accurately up to 60 yards 
  • Can run any plays in the playbook
  • Receivers and running backs can practice consistently without a quarterback 
  • Only a 5 second recovery time
  • Comes with a transport wheel for portability 
  • Adjustable height and pivot head for throwing short or long passes

Some of our football machines even imitate kicking drills like squib kicks, pooch kicks, onside kicks, punt returns and more! 

All of our football machines have two throwing wheels, each with its own motor, ensuring a powerful and accurate throw. Our machines allow you to adjust the height and angle of the release, allowing you to throw as close or as far as you need. 

We Carry the Best Football Machine Brands

As the top pitching machine companies dominated the market, they began to expand into other sports like football as well. Utilizing the same technology that revolutionized the baseball industry, top companies like Jugs Sports, Sports Attack and First Pitch came out with their take on what a football passing machine should be able to do. 

Snap Attack Football Passing Machine

Our most popular machine from Sports Attack is the Snap Attack football passing machine. Featuring the newest technology on the market, it is no wonder why coaches love this machine!

Snap Attack Features

  • Kickoffs for practicing kickoff returns and coverage work
  • Long punts to practice returns 
  • Right and left footed punts to practice fair catches
  • Angled punts to practice 
  • Direct and long snaps 
  • Passes to receivers 
  • Comes with transport wheels for portability