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Trigon Sports Man Shield
Sale price$197.00
Trigon Sports Curved Blocking Shield / Arm Dummies
Sale priceFrom $98.00
Rogers Athletic Sweep Blocking Shield
Sale price$255.00
Rogers Athletic Stunt Blocking Shield
Sale price$285.00
Rogers Athletic Strike Blocking Shield
Sale price$285.00
Rogers Athletic Scoop Blocking Shield
Sale price$201.50
Rogers Athletic Packer Blocking Shield
Sale price$335.00
Rogers Athletic No-Hands Pad Blocking Shield
Sale price$265.00
Rogers Athletic Multi Gap Shield
Sale price$295.00
Rogers Athletic Lil T Blocking Shield
Sale price$265.00
Rogers Athletic Lil Block Blocking Shield
Sale price$305.00
Rogers Athletic Hands Pad Blocking Shield
Sale price$325.00
Rogers Athletic Elite Body Shield
Sale price$285.00
Rogers Athletic Bullet Arm
Sale price$175.50
Rogers Athletic Bicep Flippers Pair
Sale price$188.50
Rogers Athletic Arm Flippers Pair
Sale price$155.00
Rae Crowther Pushback Shield
Sale price$149.00
Rae Crowther Curved Big Shield
Sale price$274.80
Hadar Athletic Shiver Boxer Arm Pads
Sale price$120.95

Football Blocking Shields and Pads

Football players need to prepare for contact on the field, but coaches must keep their players safe and healthy during practice. For this reason, football blocking shields are a necessity for football teams – they ready your players for game contact in a controlled environment.

To reach the next level, players require practice reps to work on their technique and power. Football blocking shields will simulate real players and eliminate the risk of injury from contact with another player.

Like other dummies, with a football blocking shield, you can train footwork, technique, hand placement, and strength without colliding with another player. And as you’re using football blocking shields in place of real players, you can increase the number of reps each player in your team can get.

Blocking shields are one of the most affordable dummy options on the market and require a coach or player to man them. But at a better price, football programs can buy multiple blocking shields, thus increasing the action each player gets in practice.

There are several different types of blocking shields on the market, so we will run down a couple of over favorites and provide some recommended brands.


Fisher Curved Shields

Not all blocking shields are made with the same drill in mind, so it is important to know what drills you want to perform before buying.

Some shields and pads are for general purposes and can be deployed in a variety of drills to train all kinds of skills, including footwork and explosiveness. They are often large and rectangular, and a coach or fellow player will hold the shield with two hands while another player hits the shield.

A great example of an all-purpose shield is the Fisher Curved Shield. This blocking shield comes in a variety of sizes, so you can buy a high-quality shield for any age group. This Fisher shield is bulky and protects the players and coaches operating them.

Fisher sells a variety of high-quality blocking shields, and it is one of the most reputable football equipment companies on the market.

For a change of pace, in some drills you want a shield that can hone in on very specific movements.

For example, the Rogers Athletic Bullet Arms is designed to train hand combat moves used by both defensive and offensive players. If you want to train wide receivers to get space from a cornerback off the snap, this shield safely allows your players to increase their reps.

Similar to Fisher, Rogers Athletic has built a reputation for producing high-quality blocking shields at a reasonable price. While Fisher mainly focuses on general-purpose blocking shields, Rogers Athletic designs a range of specialty shields that will strengthen any team’s training regimen.


Put your helmets and pads on and get to training! Find the right football blocking shield for you and your team and get to work. If you need more help, feel free to give us a call at (888) 406-2544. For more football training products, check out our football blocking dummies, blocking sleds, and football throwing machines.