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Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine
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Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine
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Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
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Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine
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Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine
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Spinshot Machine Cover
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Spinshot Service Stand
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Spinshot Charger Replacement
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Spinshot Mains Power Module
Sale price$149.00
Spinshot Remote Watch
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Spinshot Home Tennis Ball Machine
Sale price$749.00

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines

Spinshot is an industry leader in tennis ball machines, and their range offers high quality and cutting-edge tennis ball machines at an affordable price.

Hailing from sunny Southern California, Spinshot has been manufacturing some of the best tennis ball machines on the market for years now. One of our best selling brands overall, Spinshot manufacturers a great quality product that will last you many years to come. 

With warehouses all over the world, Spinshot truly is a worldwide known tennis machine brand! 

Tennis ball machines are becoming more popular as players look to improve their game with the option to play tennis without a coach or partner. So, if you are a team, club, or player looking to add to your practice regimen, a Spinshot tennis ball machine can be an impactful addition.


Why Spinshot?

One area that sets Spinshot apart is that the machines come with great functionality at a low price. You can program many Spinshot machines to make your own drills, and this is made even easier with the Spinshot Drill Maker app or a Spinshot remote watch.

In addition to a wide range of features, Spinshot machines are durable and offer a range of machines suitable for different needs and age groups. Battery-operated Spinshot machines can go for approximately 2-3 hours and charge quickly.

Spinshot machines are also compact, making them easy to move and great for players of all ages. The Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine is one the most popular we offer because it’s perfect for younger players and comes in at a great price.

More advanced players or teams in need of added functions are more likely to chose the Pro, Player, or Plus models that allow for more customization.

Which Spinshot Machine is Right for Me?

The Spinshot Lite is the most affordable and light machine Spinshot has, and it’s most suitable for younger or casual players.

The Spinshot Player model has much more customization and has 12 programs as well as the ability to customize your own drill. It also has a “random” feature that gives players a wide range of shots to simulate match-like play.

The Pro model is slightly smaller than the Player while still maintaining many of the core features. The Plus and Plus-2 are Spinshot’s top-of-the-line machines and can compete with any comparable machine on the market.

Spinshot also sells a variety of accessories and other pieces of equipment to make sure you get the most out of your machine. Whether it be the remote watch, machine cover, or a service stand, Spinshot offers everything under one name for full compatibility and ease of use.