Volleyball Referee Platforms

Volleyball Referee Platforms

After the net, a referee platform is the most important equipment to have for a regulation volleyball game. Volleyball referee platforms come in different sizes and have various features and functions that separate them.

Generally speaking, there are two types of volleyball referee platforms, free-standing and attached (aka fixed). A free-standing platform stands on its own and is not attached to the volleyball net system, while an attached platform will be connected to the net.

These two systems have various benefits, and it is important to know what platform you require before diving into a purchase. Let’s look at some examples to see the differences between the two.

First, this Free-Standing Judges Stand is a simple yet effective portable platform. In part due to its mobility and simplicity, it is billed as a great training aid for new referees. Also, it folds down and can be stored in a flat, compact space.

This makes it ideal for gyms that host multiple types of sporting events.

The Adjustable Height Clamp-on Volleyball Officials Platform with Padding is a great attached referee platform. It features padding to protect players, and it has an integrated ratchet-style clamp device that attaches the platform to the pole quickly and securely. The adjustable height also makes it more versatile.

An attached net with padding is the way to go for volleyball programs and sports facilities that play high-level volleyball. This way the players are protected and referees can have the best view possible.

If you need maximum flexibility, you can also buy a referee platform that can be used as a free-standing or attached platform. For example, the Volleyball Universal Referee Stand from Trigon Sports fits this criterion.

If a referee platform is sold with optional padding, this is highly recommended if the platform will be used during volleyball games and not just as a training device.