Football Pop Up Tackle Sleds

Pop Up Tackle Sleds for Football

Add to your arsenal of practice equipment with a pop up tackle sled. This type of tackle sled will increase the number of reps your players can get and train them in important tackling skills.

You can train tackling at full speed in a safe and controlled environment. Work on the fundamentals of tackling such as hand placement, leverage, wrapping up, driving back, and more.

Compared to a traditional tackle sled, players can also tackle the sled to the ground since it will pop back up for the next player.

With safety on the minds of parents and coaches, this is a great way to properly and safely train football players, young and old. The pop up tackle sled replaces full contact with another player while still teaching players how to effectively and safely bring their opponent to the ground.

For older players, the Rogers Varsity Pop-Up Tackle Maker takes tackling drills to the next level. With this tackle sled, you can add weights to the back of the machine to simulate taking down heavier or better ball carriers.

There are also pop up tackle sleds designed for a younger audience. The Youth Pop-Up Tackle Maker from Rogers Athletic is suitable for players in the sixth grade and younger.