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Rogers Stadium Pro 8000
Sale priceFrom $11,729.00
Rogers 5-Man Second Level Mod Sled Package
Sale price$10,599.00
Rogers Athletic 5 X 2 Jenkins Eagle Sled
Sale price$10,120.50
Rogers 5x2 Jenkins Eagle Sled
Sale price$10,120.50
Rogers 7-Man JV Lev Sled
Sale price$10,042.50
Rogers 7-Man Pro Sled
Sale price$9,483.50

Rogers Athletic Football Training Equipment

One of the most well-respected names in the football training equipment industry, Rogers Athletic is a go-to for high-quality football training sleds and dummies.

Rogers Athletic has been selling football equipment since 1968 and is based out of Farwell, Michigan. Thousands of high school, college, and professional teams have relied on Rogers to deliver training sleds and dummies to get the most out of their practices.

They have served the football community for decades, and have garnered a reputation of quality and trust, with thousands of satisfied customers.

One of the company’s greatest strengths is its focus on manufacturing safe and sound equipment that trains football players to be stronger and improve their technique.

They are best known for their wide range of training equipment like training sleds and dummies, but they also produce other training and gameday equipment like field goals, timers, and chain sets.

Training Sleds and Dummies

Rogers Athletic has anything a coach could need when it comes to training sleds and dummies.

In terms of training sleds, Rogers has multiple designs including the Tek, Lev, MOD, PowerLine, Double-Action Pro, and Pro models. These models come in 1-man to 7-man options, so your football program can mix and match your equipment purchases to suit your training regimen.

These models also come in different sizes, so you can find a sled designed for pros or one for JV or younger players.

With a Rogers Athletic training sled, you can see the attention to detail. The different training sleds are designed to train different movements in players. For example, the Tek model is designed to best simulate the weight and resistance of a defender, while the Mod sled is designed specifically with pass rush practice and blocking practice.

In addition to their impressive range of traditional training sleds, Rogers also makes innovative hanging dummies. With products like the Rogers Big Brutus , you can more safely train your players and focus on their footwork and shoulder positioning.

From the simplicity of a one-person sled or one hanging dummy, you can also find more complex equipment that offers up more opportunities for unique drills. With the Rogers 16-Arm Powerblast and Powerline Sled, three players can train at once and running backs get additional attention here in addition to lineman.

And while training sleds and dummies are Rogers Athletic’s bread and butter, with the company’s years of experience in manufacturing top-of-the-line football equipment, they have branched out into gameday equipment and other unique training pieces. With over 50 years of business with satisfied customers, Rogers Athletic can not be beat.