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Trigon Sports Stand Up Dummy
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Rogers Athletic Youth Tackle Smart Bag
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Football Stand Up Dummies

Blocking dummies and tackling bags are versatile pieces of equipment that are a necessity for any football team. They help your players train a range of blocking and tackling skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Stand up dummies are designed to look like a player with the weight to back it up when your player practices blocking or tackling.

This equipment is manned by a player or coach, so these dummies are one of the most cost-effective ways to give your players excellent training.

With stand up dummies in your practice regimen, you can drill your players in tackling, drive blocking, lock-out blocks, technical hand and footwork, and much more.

Below we detail in depth why every team needs stand up dummies in their arsenal, and about which companies manufacturer the best stand up dummies on the market.

Best Stand Up Dummies for Your Team

There are many blocking dummies and tackling bags on the market that fall under the category of stand up dummy. With so many choices on the market, many prospective buyers are left confused about the subtle differences between products.

First, let’s look at what exactly a stand up dummy is. The clue is in the name, this dummy stands up, but unlike more expensive equipment it needs to be manned by a person (rather than a blocking sled which does not need to be manned in order to use it). The cheaper price gives coaches the option to buy more dummies, thus increasing the amount of reps players can get.

Stand up dummies are still designed to be safe, with the best products coming with considerable padding and durability that protect both the person manning the dummy and the person practicing on it.

Rogers Athletic has been making some of the best football dummies on the market since they began business in 1968. The company focuses on high-quality materials and safety design, making it perfect for all levels of the sport.

For example, The Bulk Stand Up Football Blocking Dummy from Rogers Athletic is the best stand up dummy for blocking drills. It’s designed for use in drills practicing combination, down, base, and load blocks, and it can be used by two players at once.

Another Rogers product that trains another skill is the tackle bag. If you’re looking to safely train young players in tackling, the Youth Tackle Smart Bag is a great option.

If you are looking for something a bit different, Rogers Athletic and its competitor Fisher Athletic have a wide array of stand up dummies that fit many different ages and skills.