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Track and Field Equipment from Gill Athletics

Gill Athletics has been manufacturing quality track and field equipment for over 95 years. Gill has since started designing and manufacturing products for other sports, like football, soccer and more.

Although they are now recognized across all sports for creating quality training products, they are still best known for their track and field products, especially their pole vault pits. They go through painstaking lengths to match the standards of organizations like the IAAF, NCAA and NFSHSA (they currently manufacturer more IAAF certified products than anyone in the industry!). 

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Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box


Gill Hollowood Star Discus


Gill High School Discus Cage


Red Gill Discus


Gill Athletics Launch Pad V2


Gill S1 High Jump Pit


Gill S1 High Jump Value Pack


Gill S4 High Jump Pit


Gill G1 High Jump Pit


Gill S4 High Jump Value Pack


Gill G4 High Jump Pit


Gill G1 High Jump Value Pack


Gill AGX M4 High Jump Pit

$16,949.00 $14,199.00

Gill S1 Pole Vault Landing Pit


Gill PacerFXV Vaulting Pole

$699.00 $500.00

Gill 12' - 15"6' PacerFXV Vaulting Pole

$799.00 $599.00

Gill Pacer Composite Vaulting Pole


Gill Water Shed Insert


Gill Box Collar Spike Plate Kit


Gill Pit Repair Kit


Gill Vault Perimeter Pad


Gill Vault Box Collar


Gill Flat Standard Base Pads


Gill Wood Deck Pit Cart


Gill M4 PV Base Pads


Gill Angled Base Pads


Gill Sloped Manual AGX Base Pads


Gill Aluminum Pit Cart


Gill Pit Garages


Gill Pole Vault Pit Risers

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