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Jugs Soccer Machine™
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Soccer Ball Passing Machines

Coaches want to get the best performance out of their players, but this is difficult if you’re just sticking to traditional training methods. In soccer, it’s key that players get plenty of repetitions and different types of passes and shots thrown at them, and with a soccer machine, this is finally possible.

For soccer coaches of all levels, one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy is a soccer machine, a machine that will shoot soccer balls at your players and simulate different passes and shots. They are great for both keepers and outfielders and can provide more accuracy than a coach can.

It will change your goalkeeper training as the best soccer machines will allow you to customize what type of shot the player will face, giving keepers training with all kinds of speeds, curves, and placements.

Outfield players can also work on their first touch and receiving passes as these machines can ‘kick’ up to 80 yards.

If you don’t have enough coaches to train every player, you can give your players a better training session with more accurate passing and shooting with a soccer machine.

What Soccer Training Machine is Best for Me? 

One of the key benefits of a soccer machine is the customization it offers. A high-quality machine will allow you to change the speed, distance, spin, and even whether the ball is ‘kicked’ left or right-footed.

A high variety of speeds will also allow you to use the machine with different age groups, so soccer clubs and schools can train players of all ages.

One of our most highly recommended soccer machines is the Jugs Soccer Machine which comes with all of these customization features and the ability to shoot balls 20-90 miles per hour. The different options including high-lofted balls will allow your goalies to save all types of shots, defenders to clear crosses and corners, and your midfielders and strikers to practice their first touch and volley.

For a slightly more affordable option, you can’t go wrong with the First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Machine. It may come in at a lower price but comes with most of the same features. This one can shoot a little faster at up to 100 miles per hour or as slow as 20 mph. 

Both machines are great options, and they will give your players more repetitions than a normal practice. The customization options make soccer machines invaluable as you can train players of all ages and positions and make sure they get the best training to perform well on the field.