3 Wheel Pitching Machine

Best Three Wheel Pitching Machines for Baseball and Softball

Get you and your team ready for game day with a top of the line 3 wheel pitching machine. The three wheel pitching machine is a design concept that is new and revolutionary to the baseball industry. Baseball and softball players ages 12 all the way up to MLB are utilizing the dynamics of these new 3 wheel machines to train their eye and improve their hitting abilities for all kinds of pitches at all speeds. 

Our 3 wheel machines can throw fastballs, right and left handed breaking balls, split fingers, and more at speeds ranging from 70-100mph! These machines are designed to throw all kinds of balls too - You can use wiffle balls, dimpled balls, practice leather baseballs, and MLB regulation baseballs! 

Most of the 3 wheel machines that we stock can also throw fly balls to help your players improve on their fungo game. Our Hack Attack 3 can even throw a fly ball 380 ft. back to the warning track! 

We stock Hack Attack, Rawlings and Spinball 3 wheel pitching machines, all varying in price and performance, so you can find the right machine for your team. 

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