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2-4 Row Portable Tip N' Roll Aluminum Bleachers
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Deluxe Transportable Bleachers
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Graphic Portable No-Tip Covered Bench
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Portable Aluminum Bleachers

If you need flexible seating options for events big or small, portable aluminum bleachers are the best option out there. Whether it be for youth sports, school assemblies, or large stadium events, our wide variety of bleacher sizes can mold to your needs.

Often people find themselves in a situation where they need new seating, but going for permanent options can be pricier and not fit for all purposes.

Portable aluminum bleachers are a superb option that allows a gym or outdoor area to be transformed into an event space, while the portability allows you to retain other uses for the space.

The increased flexibility and mobility also allow you to build and customize your seating arrangement based on the event you are holding. Portable bleachers also save space, roll your bleacher out for an event, and tuck them away in storage when you're done. 

Portable Bleacher Size and Mobility

Portable aluminum bleachers come in a variety of sizes and shapes including differences in length, height, and the number of rows. This allows event organizers, schools, and sports facilities to build out their space as they see fit.

We carry top quality and the highest reviewed portable bleachers on the market, meeting all customer requirements and safety needs. Most of our bleachers also include features that prevent scuffs and marks on floors. 

One of the most important features of portable bleachers is mobility, and our products are often picked for this reason. In our Tip & Roll line of products, bleachers are equipped with wheels on the back, allowing you to simply tip the bleacher over and roll it to its destination.

One of our top products is the 7½' Tip & Roll Portable Aluminum Bleacher, a simple and efficient bleacher that meets many requirements.

Of course, there are many sizes and features to choose from including the number of rows, mobility features, and size, just find the right one that works for you! 

We carry a variety of sizes including smaller bleachers like the above mentioned 7½' 3-row bleacher all the way up to the 4 Row 27" Tip & Roll Portable Aluminum Bleacher.

Bleachers with or without Wheels?

The next biggest feature to consider is whether you’d like wheels on your portable bleacher or not. A wheeled bleacher is a great option for those that are regularly moving bleachers, but you may elect to choose a bleacher with no wheels if they will be semi-permanent or on grass.

Bleachers with no wheels are slightly more affordable, but you can still find a high-quality product if it fits your needs.

We carry multiple bleachers and benches without wheels. Some of our products like the Standard Aluminum Portable Outdoor Bleachers are specifically designed for the outdoor setting.

If you know your bleachers are going to be outdoors most of the time, a bleacher designed for the outdoors will be the best option. We carry several bleachers designed to withstand the elements for all your outdoor bleacher needs. 

Worried about safety? Our deluxe bleachers come with center aisles and handrails to ensure safety. And make sure to double check on local building codes to ensure your portable bleacher purchase is compliant. 

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