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Titan PowrLiner™ 850 Field Striping Machine
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Newstripe Dirt Medic With Brush
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Newstripe Big Squeeze Pail and Can Crusher
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Newstripe AeroVent Can Disposal System
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Newstripe Pack-Master Manual Compactor
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Newstripe Pack-Master Air Powered Compactor
Sale price$6,116.00
Newstripe 72 Inch Bold Block Letter Stencil
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Newstripe Hash Mark Football Field Stencil
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Newstripe Handicap Symbol
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Line Striping Machines

A line striping machine can be a game changer for schools, athletic facilities, and companies that need the best-quality lines on their fields.

These machines aren’t just for asphalt and parking lots, several companies sell line striping equipment tailored to athletic fields both turf and grass. Anyone who does field maintenance knows that turf and grass fields have their differences, and line striping machines are no different with various features that are better suited to one of the other.

The size of your job is also important to consider when you are looking for a line striper. Increased paint capacity and other features allow you to stripe larger fields and get bigger jobs done quicker.

Below we will discuss the turf vs. grass differences, what type of machine is suited to which job, and provide some recommendations for buyers looking to invest in a line striping machine.

Line Striping Machines for Turf vs. Grass

If you are looking to start a business striping athletic fields, you want a machine that can handle a wider variety of jobs.

While not always the case, grass fields can often be rougher than turf fields as some grass fields suffer from improper maintenance. Therefore, a sturdier machine with the ability to stripe on uneven surfaces as well as well-maintained fields is a huge plus.

For those looking to stripe many fields, turf and grass, a lightweight machine with larger tires will help steady you on uneven and rough surfaces.

The NewStripe Airless Striping Machine 4250 is great for these types of jobs as it comes in at only 105 pounds and has large 10” tires that help the user push the machine on uneven surfaces while keeping an even line.

While most athletic field stripers can do both turf and grass, you can go even lighter weight if you know you are going to be striping even turf and grass fields. Smaller machines have smaller wheels and weigh less so they can be pushed easier and faster.

The Titan Powerliner 850 Field Striping Machine has three smaller wheels and only weighs 70 pounds, making it a breeze to operate. It also can be stored and transported easily.

Another factor to consider is pressure as grass and turf fields will be healthier if sprayed at a lower pressure than asphalt. Both of the aforementioned machines have the ability to change the pressure of the paint spray.

Picking the Right Sized Line Striping Machine for the Job

The two previously mentioned machines are great for one or two field jobs as they come with a standard five-gallon paint bucket. This is sufficient for single-field jobs and users will not need to change out the paint bucket.

For multi-field complexes and large commercial outfits looking to increase their ability to spray large jobs, striping machines that you can drive are ideal. They often come with large paint buckets and can significantly cut down on the time needed to stripe.

These come in at a higher price point, and a manually-pushed machine will be adequate for most jobs, however a riding line striper can save you tons of time and energy if you have the budget for it. Check out the Newrider 1700 or its bigger brother, the Newrider 5000 for those big jobs. 

Overall, there are many great options for a line striping machine, but understanding what you need out of your machine is imperative to making the right purchasing decision. For more information on line striping machines, check out our blog post on the top 10 best line striping machines + buyers guide.