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Rogers Carry Bag for 11 Folding Markers
Sale price$136.50
Rogers Athletic Varsity Football Chain Set
Sale price$565.50
Rogers Athletic Varsity Flip Down
Sale price$305.50
Rogers Athletic Orange Dots (19")
Sale price$59.00
Rogers Athletic Orange Dots (12")
Sale price$49.00
Rogers Athletic O/D Scrimmage Line
Sale price$395.00
Rogers Athletic Football First Down Spotter
Sale price$115.00
Rogers Athletic Basic Scrimmage Line
Sale price$305.50
Rogers Athletic 9" Disks (Set of 12)
Sale price$89.00

Football Chain Sets & Down Markers

Struggling for that last yard on fourth and goal, there’s nothing more quintessentially football than that.

To facilitate the most American sport, chain sets and down markers are absolutely essential for football games at any level.

To some fans they may seem an afterthought, but the right chain sets and down markers can save a football program money and a lot of headaches.

High-quality chain sets and down markers are built to last many seasons and stand out providing players, coaches, and fans a clear indication of the state of play. If chain sets and markers fail to stand out from the background, it will detract from the complete experience of a football game.

With this in mind, we will look at what brands make quality chain sets and down markers and make some product recommendations.

What is the Best Football Chain Set and Down Markers for Me?

Chain sets and down markers are made up of multiple components that are sold separately or as part of a package.

The most integral part of the set is the chain set, the markers that determine where the offensive team has to reach for a first down.

For a better playing experience, these chain sets should be a bright color that pops and is recognizable. This allows offensive and defensive players to more clearly see where the first down can be reached.

Since their founding in 1968, Rogers Athletic has been one of the most reliable football equipment producers, and their chain sets and down markers are the best on the market.

The Rogers Athletic Varsity Football Chain Set is a high-quality standalone chain set designed in an eye-catching red. It also has specific design features that increase the set’s longevity including a tangle-resistant chain and foam cover.

Rogers Athletic also sells yard line markers and down poles individually or as part of a complete set. Down poles are an important accompaniment to a chain set that indicate what down the play is at. On the other hand, yard line markers are set up on the sideline to denote the yard lines on the field.

With the Rogers Stadium Pro Chain Set w/ Pro Down Standard Poles you get the complete package with both a chain set and a down marker pole. If purchased in a package, football programs can save money while purchasing high-quality equipment that will enhance the gameday experience.