Tennis Court Water Removal

Tennis Court Water Removal Tools

Heavy rain or snow can cause havoc and major delays for tennis matches, and if not removed, water can cause further postponements. And without the proper equipment, standing water can cause great damage to the long-term health of any tennis court.

Removing water is a tall task with simple tools, but with a tennis court water remover, you can save tons of time, and the tennis court itself. Whether it be a small bubble or a water-logged court, these tools give your players the best playing surface and result in a better court in the long.

Snow or rain, water removal is perhaps the most important factor to maintain your court and player satisfaction. 

We often are asked, “how do you get water out of a tennis court?” To answer this question once and for all, we will discuss what tool is right for you and provide some recommendations to keep your tennis courts and facilities in tip-top shape.

Which Water Removal Tool is Right for Me?

If you want the best of chances of being able to play tennis matches on a rainy day, you need to be able to remove water from the court quickly and conveniently.

To prevent cancellations and postponements, a large rolling squeegee can cover a lot of area and remove large amounts of water quickly. If you buy the right model, you will able to dry out courts quickly and get your players out on the courts on a safe playing surface.

For these big and important jobs, we highly recommend the Super Sopper Dolphin. This model can soak up 14 gallons of water that can be quickly emptied by simply tipping over the drum and disposing of the water.

If you only need to dry one or two courts or live in an area the does not see much rain or inclement weather, the Super Sopper Mackerel does the same job but comes in at a cheaper price point with its 7-gallon drum.

The beauty of these tools is that no extra pressure is required, making them easy for anyone to use.

Both of these water removal tools can be used on other athletic turf and grass fields, so a school or athletic facility can deploy them for more than just their tennis courts.

With either of these water removal tools pesky puddles, rainstorms, and snow will be no hindrance to hosting tennis matches or practices on your courts.