Tackle Wheels

Football Tackle Wheels and Tackle Rings

Football tackle wheels, also known as tackle rings, are an important piece of training equipment for any football team. Tackle wheels teach players open field tackle techniques safely.

Tackle wheels are a relatively new concept that have gained popularity among players, coaches and staff for all age and skill levels of teams. Purchase a tackle wheel today to drastically increase the performance of your football team!

Practice Safer with a Tackle Wheel

Tackle wheels are the safest way to practice wrapping up on open field tackles. When you are aggressively tackling another teammate during practice, someone is bound to get hurt - unless you train with a tackle wheel! Training with a football tackle donut or wheel also teaches your players how to find proper pursuit angles which helps them develop their game.


Built to Last

Here at Anytime Sports Supply, we are proud to announce that we now carry the 3 major brands in tackle wheels - Fisher AthleticSafeTackle and Rogers Athletic.

These 3 of our football tackle wheel brands are built to last! 

Our tackle rings from Fisher are built tough with 22. oz vinyl on the inside and outside of the wheel and with 19 oz. vinyl on the front and back. These tackle wheels also come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Our other popular line of tackle wheels by Rogers Athletic, known as the REV tackle wheels, are built with the highest quality materials and are backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Fisher Athletic Tackle Wheels

By far our most popular tackle wheel we carry, the Fisher football tackle wheel comes in many different shapes and colors. Get your Fisher tackle wheel in any size from 28" x 14", 36" x 16", 42" x 24", 48" x 25", 54" x 28", or 60" x 30". Comes in yellow, green, orange, blue or gray! 

Fisher Tackle Wheel Features 

  • Teaches players how to adjust tackling angles 
  • Reduces injuries to players
  • 22 oz. vinyl in inside and outside of tackling wheel

SafeTackle Football Tackle Wheels

Our other most popular brand, SafeTackle, has become very popular among high school coaches in recent years. SafeTackle offers quality products that will last any football team many seasons to come. The SafeTackle football tackle wheels come in 3 different sizes and colors.

SafeTackle Tackle Ring Features

  • Comes in 3 sizes - 40", 48" and 52" 
  • Comes in red, blue or black
  • SafeTackle emphasizes player safety
  • Comes with full 3-year manufacturer's warranty