70 Ball Instructor Ball Retriever
70 Ball Instructor Ball Retriever

70 Ball Instructor Ball Retriever

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70 Ball Instructor Ball Hopper

When your tennis students are practicing serving or backhand retrievals, they'll go through a lot of balls, which end up strewn all over the court and sometimes beyond the court's perimeter. This Instructor Tennis Ball Retriever lets you quickly and efficiently pick up balls that land on the backcourt, so you can have plenty on hand for the next round of drills. Carry the retriever around the court using the handles, then flip them over to create a sturdy platform for easy dispensing. With room for up to 70 balls, you can stock up before each practice.


  • Retriever holds up to 70 tennis balls, so you can quickly clean up the court after practice and then use the retrieved balls to supply the next practice
  • Grated design makes it easy to pick up balls around the court
  • Built-in handles allow you to carry the retriever around while picking up balls resting along the net and court perimeter
  • Reversible design lets you use the handles as a stand for easy ball dispensing