Batter’s Eye Windscreen by FenceMate

Batter’s Eye Windscreen by FenceMate

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Batter’s Eye Windscreen for Baseball or Softball

Think you don’t need a batter’s eye with your fence windscreen? Think again. The batter’s eye provides a darker, more contrasted color so a hitter can see the ball as it gets closer to the plate. It’s important to give your players all of the advantages possible when they’re trying to hit curveballs and fastballs. With a batter’s eye windscreen, players can see the ball out of a pitcher’s hand instead of searching for it in the bright lights or having it blend in with the scenery.

Not only is a batter’s eye windscreen important for helping players hit the ball, it’s also important for safety. The better a player can see, the faster they can get out of the way of a pitch anywhere near the head, leading to an injury.

We offer custom logos on lettering on our Classic Mesh or ArmorMesh windscreens. Please call us at (888) 466-0009 to order your custom Batter's Eye Mesh windscreen.


  • Heavy-duty reinforced hems with brass grommets at 18" intervals
  • Lacing lips sewn throughout the cover, not just perimeter edges
  • Material options (PP100, PP85, VCM or Armor Mesh)

Price is per square foot.

Please order your desired quantity per square foot and let us know your preferred dimensions. You can email us at or call us at 888-466-0009