Bowcom Plifix - UV Stabilized Markings

Bowcom Plifix - UV Stabilized Markings

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Plifix - UV Stabilized Markings

The PLIFIX system offers a revolutionary device that clearly identifies all ground line marking in a simple, safe permanent manner.

Once firmly fixed in place below ground level, PLIFIX remains in situ whilst normal ground care practise ( mowing-fertilizing etc ) continues. The tough, coloured fibres are UV stabilized and remain bright throughout the line marking season.

Dolomite stone granules are used to back-fill the PLIFIX, ensuring an even spread of fibres at ground level.


  • Strong Nylon UV Stabilized
  • FibresDurable Polycarbonate BaseThread
  • Mower Resistant
  • Safe for Machinery and Players
  • 4 Colours Available
  • Applicator Supplied With Integrated Distance Ring For Accurate Depth
  • Ideal For Pitch Marking, Hazard Marking, Trolley Paths & Walkways
  • Supplied as 50 PLIFIX + Applicator + 5kg Granules
  • Also Supplied in Repeat Pack – ( 50 PLIFIX-5KG Granules )