first team ruffneck excel fixed height hoop-72-inch-steel

First Team RuffNeck Excel Inground Fixed Height Hoop - 72 Inch Steel

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RuffNeck Excel Inground Fixed Height Hoop - 72 Inch Steel

The RuffNeck Excel is a highly durable system that is appropriate for any playground. With its clean lines and modern look, the RuffNeck Excel gives a thoroughly modern appearance to any institutional setting. Galvanized schedule 40 tubing is used to make this model's post. It is designed to resist the ravages of rust for a number of years. The RuffNeck Excel has a unique direct rim mount design that is mounted directly through the backboard of the system. It is placed right into the post, which means that you never need to deal with backboard stress if you choose this model.

Braces are fastened to the neck of the post to provide additional backboard support. Installing the backboard is a simple process involving inserting the "nose-cone" mounting into the backboard. The post is positioned 48" below the playing surface during the installation process for extra stability in the unit.

Unlike adjustable basketball systems, the RuffNeck Excel doesn't allow you to change the rim height for different categories of players. Once it is assembled, you place it on the playground for visitors to use. It's a very simple way to offer some quality recreational equipment for athletes to enjoy without hassle. The RuffNeck Excel is equipped with a 42" x 72" steel backboard and an unbreakable fixed goal. When the unit is set up, the post to backboard extension distance measures 48".


  • 42" x 72" Steel Backboard
  • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
  • FT1900 RuffNeck Pole System
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • Pole to Backboard Extension of 48"