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Champion Sports White Field Marking Paint Aerosol Cans (Dozen)

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White Field Marking Paint Aerosol Cans (Dozen)

Champion Sports Field Marking Paint aerosol delivers a single-coat coverage, quick-drying, and crisp clear lines onto the field. The unique aerosol tip was made for all stripping machines, but also manual hand output as well. Make fast-drying vibrant and sharp 4"W stripes. Each paint was manufactured to last until 135 yds of stripe, and not to stain clothing when applied. The Field Marking Paint is non-clogging, water-resistant, and contains no CFC's, VMP Naptha, or Acetone.


  • Non-clogging water-resistant paint

  • Universal tip for all striping & marking machines

  • Vivid 4"W stripe w/sharp edges

  • Works on all-natural playing surfaces

  • No lead or CFC's

  • Does not contain VMP Naptha or Acetone

  • Very low VOC level (compliant) safe on grass

  • 20 oz. disposable can (approx. 135 yds of the stripe)

  • Long-lasting and fast-drying, dries in 15 mins

  • Will not stain uniforms

  • Case Pack 12