first team brute iii inground fixed height hoop 54 inch acrylic
first team brute iii inground fixed height hoop 54 inch acrylic 1

First Team Brute III Inground Fixed Height Hoop - 54 Inch Acrylic

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Brute III Inground Fixed Height Hoop - 54 Inch Acrylic

The Brute III Fixed Height Basketball Goal is an outdoor hoop system that boasts a high-caliber backboard and goal combo that will please players without requiring costly upkeep. The post system is tough, and you can rest easy after installing this system in a public park or playground. A perfect marriage of quality and durability make this hoop system a must have.

Every Brute hoop system bases its dependability on the Brute Post System. A 5 9/16" diameter galvanized post will be holding up your hoop for years to come. This backbone is specifically designed for surviving in a public venue that’s exposed to the elements. Vandalism can be a serious problem in public places. Make sure it’s a problem that doesn’t affect your hoop by installing a Brute hoop. The 72 inches of run-out room will give the court a professional feel, and the optional pole and backboard pads will keep players safe. Brute is offering years of safe basketball with a professional hoop system that will be there as long as there are players to shoot on it.

The III model comes with a FT215 36"x54" Acrylic Backboard that’s supported by a strong silver support structure. Acrylic is great for all types of weather conditions without accruing the dents and unreliable rebound that can come with a steel backboard. The heavy anodized aluminum framework prevents breakage and the ½ inch of acrylic makes cracking and splitting a near-impossibility. Like all good backboards, the III comes with an orange shooters square that will help you keep your free throw percentage closer to 90% than 60%.

The III also includes a FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal. Flex goals are great for outdoor hoops because they’re more realistic than an unbreakable goals, but they also require less upkeep than a breakaway goal. This goal has a powdercoat finish that can stand up to severe weather, and a totally enclosed mechanism that prevents tampering. A 3/16" steel rim supporter can host a dunk contest or provide a soft bounce for your 3-point attempts.

Bottom Line: The Brute III Fixed Height Basketball Goal is perfect if you’re looking for a solid outdoor hoop system for your playground that doesn’t skimp on quality or excellence.


  • FT1905 Brute Post System
  • FT1905NC Brute Nose-cone
  • FT36 Silver Support Structure
  • FT215 36"x54" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty