first team brute max inground fixed height hoop fan shaped aluminum

First Team Brute Max Inground Fixed Height Hoop - Fan-Shaped Aluminum

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Brute Max Inground Fixed Height Hoop - Fan-Shaped Aluminum

The Brute Max Fixed Height Basketball Goal is an outdoor basketball system that’s designed for repetitive use. The powerful post system and unbreakable goal are both part of a solid hoop that can stand the test of time.

The Brute Post System anchors this hoop to the ground with a 5 9/16" diameter galvanized post that won’t bow to anything. The nosecone style backboard mounting also helps this hoop survive long winters or vicious dunks.  Brute isn’t all about durability. Getting a realistic basketball feel and style are also important. The 72 inches of run-out room behind the backboard will make your court more realistic than the other cheap park hoops that are often used. The run-out room also keeps players safe. Brute hoop systems also have options for pole and backboard padding.

The Max model comes with a FT270 36"x54" Aluminum Backboard. This backboard has the classic fan shape and looks great at any outdoor venue. It’s smaller than most backboards you’ll find in parks or playgrounds. This can be an advantage if space is an issue at your venue. The aluminum gives it a softer rebound than its steel counterparts. The white weather resistant powdercoat means that it can still stand up to the next hail storm that passes through.

The Max also comes with a FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal that can confidently boast about being the toughest goal on the market. The 5/8" double rim is this rim’s first defense against Shaq and hail. The "Never-Fail" 3/16"x1" Continuous net-lock eliminates any chance of net-lock breakage. You have the option of going hard core with a steel net, or you can count on a standard nylon net. Everything is sealed in with a weather resistant powdercoat finish that fights severe weather and vandalism. This goal went to the school of hard knocks.

Bottom Line:  The Brute Max Fixed Height Basketball Goal is perfect if you’re looking for a durable outdoor hoop system with a fan shaped backboard. The system can stand up to severe weather and daily play. This model is perfect for your park, playground or school.


  • FT1905 Brute Post System
  • FT1905NC Brute Nose-cone
  • FT270 36"x54" Aluminum Backboard
  • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty