First Team Renegade™ Fixed Height Basketball Goal

First Team Renegade™ Fixed Height Basketball Goal

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Renegade™ Fixed Height Basketball Goal

The Renegade Fixed Height Basketball Goal offers commercial durability and the added flexibility sometimes needed on the playground.

The Renegade post is constructed of 4 1/2" O.D. galvanized schedule 40 tubing. The post buries into the concrete a full 48" deep. A vinyl tip cap seals out moisture.

 The extension arm on the Renegade is attached to the vertical post using two heavy duty U-bolts. Though the Renegade is considered a "Fixed Height" goal, the U-bolts can be loosened, allowing the arm to be re-attached at any given height along the post.

An extensive selection of basketball backboards and rims are available on the Renegade. Choose the package that fits your needs.


  • Extensive backboard selection available in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or clear acrylic and ranging in size from 36” x 48 to 42” x 72”
  • Post to backboard extension distance is 48"
  • Backboard braces for superior backboard rigidity
  • Superior tuff flex or fixed goals are direct mounted to eliminate backboard stress
  • Vinyl post cap seals out moisture
  • Extension arm and braces are powdercoated
  • Extension arm clamps to vertical post using U-bolts
  • Extension arm can be moved by loosening U-bolts
  • Post is weather resistant galvanized
  • Heavy-duty 4 1/2” O.D. Schedule 40 steel post
  • Post is buried 48” below playing surface