gared electric basketball backboard height adjuster
gared electric basketball backboard height adjuster 1

Gared Electric Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster

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Backboard Mounting Size Options:

Backboard Mounting Size Options

Hardwire and Power Wand Options:

Hardwire and Power Wand Options

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Electric Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster 

Meet the needs of athletes of all ages by adding a height adjustment accessory to your basketball hoop. The 1171 electric height adjuster series allows the backboard to be set between 8' and 10' by a simple push of a button on single post backstops. The unique spring-activated manual locking mechanism is designed to lock the rod in place, eliminating drifting from the set backboard height. Attachment kits sold separately.

Bring all ages into the game by allowing even the youngest players to compete at heights that are fair and fun for them. Our height adjusters lower your backboards to any height between 8' and 10'. The goal height indicator ensures accurate height adjustment. All of our height adjusters feature direct goal attachment to transfer any stress and load from the goal to the backstop's structure instead of depending on the backboard for support. Please note, adding a height adjuster to an existing basketball structure may affect the court dimensions.

For hardwire operation, the 1158 hardwire kit must be purchased with the 1171. For power wand operation, the 1157 and 1159 power wand kits must be purchased.

Electric AAG Height Adjuster for 6-5/8” Diameter Single Post for Rectangular Backboard w/ 63”x 36” Mounting (Includes 1171 & Kits 1408 & 4404)

Electric AAG Height Adjuster for 6-5/8” Diameter Single Post for Fan-Shape Backboard w/ 35”x 20” Mounting (Includes 1171 & Kits 1408 & 4405)