gared sports alphatec basketball shot clocks with game timer

Gared Sports Alphatec Basketball Shot Clocks with Game Timer

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Alphatec Basketball Shot Clocks with Game Timer

Lead your team with these basketball shot clocks! Large 15” high super-bright 100,000-hour rated LED numerals are the largest with the widest viewing angle in the industry and are visible over 300 feet. The 22-gauge galvanneal steel cabinet with powder-coat finish means your shot clock is the most durable on the market and will look brand new for many years! The shot clock package includes the operator’s keyboard, junction box cover (cable models only), and a complete installation/operation service manual and warranty details on the CD shipped with the unit.

These shot clocks utilize long-lasting, energy-efficient LED displays, which require absolutely no maintenance and are rated for over 100,000 hours of continual use. Each shot clock has an access panel on the side for easy access to the plugin electronic module, the only working part of the shot clock.

This model may be mounted to virtually any flat surface using the appropriate mix of wall anchors, washers, bolts, etc. that will hold the hanging weight. Two pre-drilled holes are in the top and bottom flanges of the shot clock cabinet for easy mounting. The shot clocks can also be hung from the ceiling assuming the structure is adequate for hanging weight, hanging/lifting brackets are already attached to the scoreboard cabinet. For backboard mounting, please contact the factory for additional charges on custom mounting brackets and backboard manufacturers with the model numbers. Mounting hardware (wall anchors, bolts, washers, etc.) is supplied by the customer.