I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine
I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine
I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine
I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine

I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine

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I-Hack Attack 3 Wheel Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

The first ever programmable pitching machine with a tablet-like touch screen, the I Hack is the most advanced pitching machine on the market. No more knobs or dials to change the speed of the machine to create different types of pitches, everything is controlled with an easy to use touch pad! 

Quickly sift through the eight different preset pitch types and defensive drills to pick the right pitch or drill you want to work on with your team. If you don't like the preset pitch and defense drills, you can easily change them by making adjustments to the machine. For example, you can put less break on a curveball or speed up a fastball to obtain the desired pitch.

The I Hack also features youth and pro modes to accommodate different skill levels. This allows you to buy just one machine to train with players and teams of all ages. 

The I Hack also comes equipped with transport wheels that make it easy to bring on and off the field. Backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on throwing wheels and motors and electronic components, the I Hack can be purchased with peace of mind! It's no wonder why people are calling it the best programmable pitching machine!

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How to Use The I-Hack Pitching Machine

How to Throw Breaking Balls with The I-Hack

 I Hack Advanced Programmable Software

  • Easily select between 8 different preset pitches and defensive drills with the user friendly touch screen
  • Modify any preset pitch by making adjustments to each individual motor
  • Easily change the speed of any preset pitch on the touch screen
  • Switch between youth and pro mode to accommodate for different ages and skill levels
  • Easily save your favorite pitches and pitch sequences for future use

Painting the Corners of the Strike Zone

  • The I Hack features 3 fully adjustable throwing head pitch locators, allowing you to throw pitches higher or lower and inside or outside
  • Easily work one quadrant of the strike zone and quickly switch to another with the pitch locators 
  • Horizontal locators move across the width of the plate and vertical locators move the ball up or down
  • Release the pitch locators to freely move the throwing head for fungo drills

I-Hack Attack Machine Design

  • Like the Hack Attack and Jr Hack, the I Hack features a unique 3 wheel design that allows the batter to clearly see the baseball delivery all the way through the feed motion, just like with a live pitcher
  • Easily use the pitch locators to paint the corners of the strike zone, or release the locators to freely move the throwing head around for defensive drills
  • Equipped with 2 rubber transport wheels, the I Hack can easily be moved on and off the field, and can be easily stored

Quality You Can Rely On

  • With a large steel frame and wide base tripod, the I Hack can easily absorb recoil while still being lightweight and portable 
  • The wide base tripod design offers stability on uneven and unstable ground
  • The high quality, heat-treated alloy is weather resistant which protects the throwing head and inner components from weather and wear and tear
  • Multiple layers of powder coated ensure the steel frame is rust proof and protected from the elements

    Click Here to watch more instructional videos on the I-Hack Attack pitching machine! 


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