Match Mate Quickstart Tennis Pitching Machine
Match Mate Quickstart Tennis Pitching Machine
Match Mate Quickstart Tennis Pitching Machine

Match Mate Quickstart Tennis Pitching Machine

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Quickstart Tennis Pitching Machine TBM-100

The perfect tennis serving machine for kids 10 and under, the Match Mate Quickstart aims to provide a quality product for youth tennis players. With the recent demand for tennis machines for kids, Match Mate decided to create the Quickstart yout tennis machine machine.

The Quickstart can throw all 3 stages of balls, including regulation balls. Read below for key tennis machine features and specs!

Tennis Machine Features

  • The QUICKSTART has the ability to throw all 3 stages of balls plus the standard regulation balls.
  • Top speed is 30 mph. Safety first when working with the QUICKSTART! 10 Second delay and edge protected to prevent injuries.
  • Like the Match Mate Rookie, the Quickstart Machine is constructed out of high grade aluminum.
  • Bigger than the Rookie – the Quickstart dimensions are 12.5 x 12.5 x 28 but only weighs 4 more pounds.
  • The Quickstart consists of 2 wheels and 3 motors.  Easy access to the battery through the bottom.
  • Specially designed ball feed which allows ALL sizes of balls to be thrown.
  • The “Quickstart” will travel 10-11m (35-37) ft.’’ @ full speed with the red ball.
  • Top speed is (24-26 mph)
  • Reduce speeds for baseline to serviceline play
  • With standard tennis balls the QUICKSTART shoots the ball at speeds up to 32 mph.
  • Smart charger prevents overcharging of the internal battery
  • Heavy topspin at higher ball speed settings challenges advanced players
  • Soft toss at low ball speed settings is suitable for small children
  • Without remote

On the Orange court or 60 ft. court, the orange (stage two) balls will travel from baseline to the opposite serviceline at top speeds of 26-28 mph.On the green (and regualtion) courts, the green (stage one) balls will travel from serviceline to serviceline at top speeds of 26-30 mph.


Click here to download Quickstart owner's manual