Penn® Practice/Coach Tennis Balls 3-Pack

Penn® Practice/Coach Tennis Balls 3-Pack

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Practice/Coach Tennis Balls 3-Pack

Demonstrate to your students how to successfully perform an overhead serve or backhand using these Penn® Practice/Coach Tennis Balls. A great supplement to any tennis training program, these balls feature a few minor blemishes that make them ideal for coaches and trainers looking to help their players develop correct form and skill. The tennis balls provide plenty of bounce, so they're perfect for use as training aids when displaying the proper way to complete a move.


  • Tennis balls help coaches teach young tennis players the fundamentals of the sport
  • Practice balls deliver great bounce and playability, so coaches can use the balls during instruction to simulate real in-game techniques
  • Minor cosmetic blemishes make the balls perfect for use during training sessions and everyday drills
  • Economical USTA-approved option for schools
  • Three-ball container serves as a convenient storage can, so you can keep the balls in one place after practice is over