Pitch Pro 486 Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound


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Pitch Pro Model 486 Little League Game Pitching Mound

Slightly bigger than the 465 mound, the Pitch Pro 486 mound is designed for olders players ages 8-14. The 486 mound is very rigid, providing a safe and sturdy base for pitchers to deliver from. 

With a 6" mound height and 8' length, the 486 mound closely imitates the size of a regulation MLB mound with proportion of the younger player's height and weight in mind, making for a more realistic feel.

The 486 mound is long enough for the pitcher's front foot to land on the mound and wide enough for the pitcher to do pickoffs. The size of the 486 mound makes it ideal for use in games and tournaments for all leagues. 

Weighing only 115 pounds, the Pitch Pro 486 can be transported in the back of an SUV, truck bed or maintenance cart, and be carried on and off the field with just two people.

Treated with a UV resistant coat and backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the mound core, this pitching mound will last you many years to come! 


pitch pro model 486 portable youth game pitching mound

Pitching Mound Features

  • Very portable (2 people can carry it)
  • Plant foot lands on mound
  • Fits in SUV, truck bed or gator
  • Unique gel coat-down design is weather and UV resistant
  • Launch Pad included
  • 10-year warranty on mound core!
  • Good for tournament directors – still very portable

 Pitching Mound Specifications

  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4' W x 8' L x 6" H


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