Port a Pit® X-Trainer Hurdle
Port a Pit® X-Trainer Hurdle

Port a Pit® X-Trainer Hurdle

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X-Trainer Hurdle

For hurdlers who are just starting out, this PORTaPIT® X-Trainer Hurdle is a necessary part of the learning process. Coaches can quickly set the hurdle up on the school's track and instruct athletes on proper form and technique when attempting to clear barriers erected between the start and finish lines. On the first day, start small by keeping the hurdle at its lowest height, and as hurdlers start to gain confidence and ability, increase the hurdle's height gradually until each track and field team member is ready for his or her first meet.


  • Hurdle is great for teaching beginners how to properly jump over barriers during track and field events.
  • Use the hurdle to improve runners' agility, speed and form.
  • Scissor-style design enables height adjustments from 6 - 42 in. to increase the level of difficulty over time.
  • Fold-flat construction allows quick and simple transportation and storage.
  • Hurdle folds flat for easy transport and storagem.