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promounds designated hitter bullpen dummy
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ProMounds Designated Hitter Bullpen Dummy Youth Model

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ProMounds Designated Hitter Pitching Dummy Youth Model

The Designated Hitter is the perfect tool for your next pitching training session. This bullpen dummy will stand next to the plate while your practice your pitches. This pitching dummy can act as a right handed or left handed batter, so you can practice with both sides! You can move the dummy in closer and crowd the plate, or move them back, fitting the needs of the pitcher. The Designated Hitter stands at 5'2", closely imitating your next batter face off.


  • Pitching Dummy stands 5'2", 36 lbs.
  • Switch hitter: stands righty or lefty
  • Comes in blue, red, or gray
  • Strong and durable material
  • Stands on weighted base for stability
  • Beveled edges for catcher safety
  • Perfect for your next pitching practice!

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 Strong, Durable, Safe

The Designated Hitter is strong and durable, and is able to be hit with any pitch and not break. The DH stands solidly on a weighted base so it does not get knocked over easily and will withstand the pitches. The DH also features beveled edges to decrease deflection and ricochet for the catcher's safety. This is one strong and safe pitching aid dummy!


You can easily attach a string to the DH to imitate the center of the strike zone!


See what Olympic Gold Medalist Jennie Finch has to say


"The Designated Hitter helps to have a batter stand in when you're pitching, and the DH gives pitchers the ability to 'throw live' to a hitter every day. Whether it's for softball or baseball, this is a product that will help your pitching career."


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