Rae Crowther Jam Tents
Rae Crowther Jam Tents
Rae Crowther Jam Tents

Rae Crowther Jam Tents

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Tent Variation:

Tent Variation

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Jam Tents

Of course your OLs and DLs can work all their techniques, drive blocks, angle blocks, double teams, pull blocks, hook blocks, long and short trap blocks, and cross blocks. the Crowther Jam Tents are designed to keep players low and maintain a good football position while moving. If your goal is to train as many athletes as possible, in as many varied drills as possible, and in the shortest possible time – then you have found the perfect chutes! 


  • You can adjust the height or angle of the tents.
  • The obvious benefits are weight savings, improved safety when a player rises up, and fewer scratched helmets.
  • In general, The angled legs of the chutes allow more room.
  • Each leg doesn’t go straight down. 
  • Durability and adjustability.


  • Every Crowther tent comes with 8 standard wheels.
  • Each wheel is foam filled (not pneumatic); thus, it will never go flat.
  • For teams that have to maneuver their chute through narrow openings we also offer optional caster wheels.
  • The height is adjustable from approx. 63”- 60”- 57”- 54”- 51”- 48”- 45”. You can adjust the angle of the frame to various degrees.
  • Each Jam Tent has a combination of metal square tubing and mesh netting for its frame.
  • The netting has webbing sewn into it horizontally and vertically.
  • Jam Tent frames do not hang from a center beam like Ground Battle Chutes, otherwise they are identical.
  • Sizes available are 12’ x 12’, 18’ x 6’, and 27′ x 6′.
  • All chutes come standard with 8 foam-filled (no flats) fixed wheels.