Rae Crowther Metal Agility Ladder

Rae Crowther Metal Agility Ladder

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Metal Agility Ladder

The Metal Agility Ladder is similar to the traditional foot ladder but is made from metal so that it will not kick out of place. The Metal Agility ladder is light enough to transport but heavy enough to stay in place. Use the ladder in a straight agility pattern or make 90 degree intersections. For multiple drills see our video on YouTube under the Rae Crowther channel. Can be used for lower and upper and body training (such as pushups). Use with slam balls and other implements to raise the challenge. 


  • The Ladder measures 19′ long (you can add to that length if you desire with individual sections). Comes in 4 sections that slide together for easy shipping, travel, and set up. The metal squares are 1/2″ tall, so it can be used with sneakers or cleats.
  • Each section is 4.75 feet long (57).
  • Each foot hole is 19″ x 19″.
  • Powder coated yellow.
  • Weight: 24 lbs. per ladder.