Rogers 1-Man Lev Football Blocking Sled


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Rogers 1-Man Lev Sled

Train players to reverse the opponent's momentum prior to rolling the hips and securing control with leverage. From a good football position, hit the pad and overcome its resistance - then only after the pad is driven at least five inches, the Lev Head releases allowing the player to roll the hips and lift the pad finishing off the opponent.


To practice base and drive blocking, simply engage the lock to prevent the lifting action. Drill both leverage blocking and drive blocking during the same practice with one sled.

The Rogers 1-Man LEV Sled includes a single sled unit, along with 2 Sled Outriggers with connecting hardware.

Blocking Sled Features 

  • A unique release mechanism allows the pad to be raised only after the ram has been compressed at least five inches, helping develop the proper drive technique.
  • Modular design allows easy upgrading by adding links and runners to your current Lev Sled setup.
  • Heaviest sled on the market. Heavyweight increases the realism of blocking drills.
  • Surge and Shock pads have body-like target areas to aim for.
  • The ground-hugging framework allows players to run through defensive drills.
  • Nylon liner eliminates metal-on-metal wear and extends the life of the sled.
  • Pad is held securely in place with a single pin.
  • Easily change or remove pads for storage.
  • Weight & Width:
    • 1 man = 324 lbs (147 kg); 44” (12cm) wide
    • 2 man = 487 lbs (221 kg); 59.38” (151cm) wide
    • 3-7 man = +258 lbs (117 kg); +55.5” (141cm) wide each


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